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Peridot jewelry

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Peridot Jewelry: The Evening Stone with Lush Green Shine

Peridot is a beautiful green-colored gemstone that has a great appearance. This gemstone looks excellent even in its rough and natural form and does wonders when treated and polished. This is the primary reason for its popularity and preference to create wholesale peridot jewelry collections. The most authentic gemstones are used to create the jewelry items for the women's peridot ring collections at Rananjay Exports. We also provide the highest quality jewelry with extremely comfortable jewelry designs for our peridot jewelry collections. Peridot as a stone has been appreciated and respected since the early times. Eventually, as and when people started noticing its aesthetic appeal, the wholesale sterling silver peridot ring collections became popular. And with time, it only increased. The jewelry from our peridot collections can be paired beautifully with matching attire. We usually give a cut finish to the gemstones to create our simple wholesale peridot necklace collections. But to respect its natural form, we don't treat it to create beautiful natural peridot pendant collections. At Rananjay Exports, you never have to worry about the authenticity and the quality of the jewels. We take extraordinary measures to make each jewelry piece perfect for your collections. Peridot is associated with August. And if we consider peridot birthstone meaning, then we should know that it is a gemstone of compassion. Restful sleep, good health, boosting creativity within the wearer are some of the many peridot healing properties.

Genuine Peridot Bracelet And Other Jewelry 

Being called the 'gemstone of the sun' by ancient Egyptians, peridot comes in shades of green, varying from light green to yellowish-green. Each shade makes it perfect to create jewelry for unique wholesale peridot earrings collections. Along with this, it's also the 6.5-7 rank on the Mohs scale that makes it a preferable gemstone to create jewelry and other ornaments. A high ranking makes it a gem that cannot be easily broken and mostly not prone to scratches. This makes perfect jewelry for wholesale sterling silver peridot ring collections that are intended to be worn casually and regularly. The best quality peridot comes from China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Vietnam, Tanzania, and the United States of America. We make sure to get the gemstones to create our entire wholesale peridot stone jewelry collections from these places to keep it the most authentic. We are so confident about our jewels' quality because after sourcing the gemstones, everything is done under one roof until it becomes a beautiful jewelry item. Each jewelry item goes through an extensive quality check process. If it fails, it is rejected right there, so you get only the perfect and the most beautiful ones.

An extensive peridot jewelry collection at Rananjay Exports

Rananjay Exports is a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in Jaipur, India, and has been successfully serving the jewelry industry since 2013. By becoming our authorized member, you can gain complete access to our website along with certain other benefits. These include redeemable reward points earned on every purchase, which can be utilized at will to get additional concessions. Apart from this, there are quantity discounts on bulk purchases. And free shipping on all orders above $499 and standard shipping of $39 on everything below that. These benefits are not limited only to our peridot jewelry collections. Still, they extend to wholesale larimar , moonstone , and turquoise rings , and other gemstone jewelry as well. So explore the complete range of our real wholesale peridot stone jewelry collection and register to become our authorized member.

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