Pietersite Jewelry Pietersite Jewelry

Pietersite stone is “pseudomorph quartz” as it is composed of two materials Hawk’s eye and Tiger’s Eye. Pietersite is very rarely found in only two localities Namibia and Province Henan, China. It is a highly expensive and valuable stone because of its limited quantity. Sid Pieters discovered Pietersite in 1962 in Namibia, Africa. It is an alternative August birthstone and beneficial for the Leo birth sign.

Pietersite is said to reverberate with the chakras which helps to promote love, good relationships, healing, compassion, positivity, happiness, and confidence. It is believed to encourage forgiveness, release emotional heartbreaks or wounds, and experience good relationships.

Pietersite paired with different metallic elements like 925 Sterling Silver gives a stunning shape, size, and design to the stone, which creates Sterling Silver Jewelry that is sold in the market at the highest prices. This Gemstone has been associated with the Sacral Chakra, Solar Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Solar Chakra which helps to protect the wearer from any kind of Addiction, toxicity, negativity, and feeling unwell.

People believe that Pietersite Gemstone helps to harmonize sexual desires. It beautifies the inner soul of the Wearer by spreading positive auras. It also aids the wearer through Negativity. It abets the Pietersite Jewelry wearer in living a Magnificent life journey and provides financial support and those who work in the Import-export, Gemstone industry, and tourism industries can benefit from Pietersite.

Unveiling Cut, Color, and Cost of Pietersite

Unveiling Cut, Color, and Cost of Pietersite Unveiling Cut, Color, and Cost of Pietersite

Cabochon Cut:

Pietersite Gemstones can be cut into various shapes and sizes with different cut styles and techniques, depending on their color and quality. There are various processes and factors to shape and create a polished Pietersite out of a rough. The brilliance, gorgeous, and beautiful Pietersite gemstone is revealed with skilled and perfect cutting which makes a staggering focal point in any jewelry design.

The easiest type of cut to produce Pietersite has a “dome-shaped” top that is smooth without any additional faceting and is said to be a Cabochon Cut. In this, the bottom portion is flat and is not as expensive as the other types of faceting styles. It is used to produce varieties of Pietersite jewelry in different styles. The cut of this stone is a big determinant of its appeal and value.


To determine the Pietersite’s price, its color grades are considered. The different colors of Pietersite symbolize different benefits and beliefs. The keys to identifying the color grading are tone, hue, and saturation. The Pietersite Gemstone is found in a range of colors Brown, Blue, Red, and Gold. These 4-different types of colors contain varieties of distinctive qualities.

1. Brown Pietersite: This stone provides a beautiful connection with the world, earthy energy, and stability. It balances physical, mental, and spiritual health which makes the wearer energetic.

2. Blue Pietersite: By wearing this stone, you can easily express your emotions and feelings. It also promotes the communication skills of the wearer.

3. Red Pietersite: This stone helps to boost meditation and overcome challenges, illness, stress, and mental pressure.

4. Gold Pietersite: It is believed that this stone promotes wealth, attracts lots of opportunities, manifests finances, and boosts the lifestyle.


Although Pietersite Gemstone is expensive, but it is incredibly affordable compared to other better well-known stones in the market at wholesale prices. The lowest cost of Pietersite stone ranges from ($0.15-$0.30) per carat. Pietersite Cabochon is more valuable and sold at higher prices, on the lower end ranging from ($3-$10) per carat and on the higher end ($30-$250) per carat.

Pietersite Gemstone Cleansing Process

Pietersite Gemstone Cleansing Process Pietersite Gemstone Cleansing Process

It is a safe and easy-to-clean Gemstone. Take a small bowl of dish with warm water and add some dish soap to make warm soapy water. Then drench Pietersite stone for 5 to 7 minutes in warm soapy water to allow any dirt or other grime to soften. Remove the stone from the water and wipe it with a gem-cleaning cloth. There is no need for any chemicals to clean Pietersite stone. After the stone is set on Jewelry use a soft paintbrush to clean.

Pietersite Jewelry: A Unique Display of Nature's Art

Pietersite Jewelry Pietersite Jewelry

Pietersite stone Jewelry is cherished for being a valuable tool for relaxation, healing, stress-free, and depression relief. It also creates calming and soothing energy. This Gemstone is said to attenuate worries, tension, and mental pressure. It helps to promote a sense of tranquility and inner peace. It also enhances intuition, positivity, and creativity.

Unlike most gemstones with a single, static color, Pietersites are prominent for their spellbinding attractiveness. Pietersite rings, Pietersite Necklaces, Pietersite Bracelets, Pietersite Earrings, and Pietersite Pendants are captivating pieces of jewelry that can bring thoughts of positivity. Pietersite Gemstone Jewelry provides charm and maintains Physical and Mental Health.

Many people believe that Pietersite stone brings protection from bad karma and evil. It also boosts the whole system and revitalizes your body. Pietersite Gemstone Jewelry can be worn anywhere, but near the heart is optimal. Pregnant women calm their minds and feel positive energy by wearing Pietersite Jewelry.

Benefits Of Wearing Pietersite Gemstone Jewelry

Benefits Of Wearing Pietersite Gemstone Jewelry Benefits Of Wearing Pietersite Gemstone Jewelry

Pietersite is a type of Gemstone that provides vigorous auras to get closer to Positivity and removes Negativity which sets the valuable and distinguished nature of this stone. Pietersite Gemstone Jewelry protects the wearer from mental issues, depression, and tension. It helps to bring illnesses out of the body and provide inner peace to the wearer. This Gemstone Jewelry is the protector of the wearer from anxiety, stress, tension, and depression.

The Red, Blue, Gold, and Brown colored Pietersites are believed to be powerful Gemstones that are used to promote purification and cleansing. The wearer feels protected from Physical and Mental illness. This Gemstone is believed to have spiritual and emotional benefits. They are associated with the matter of the heart. These Pietersite gems exhibit a luster and brilliance. Pietersite Gemstones contain captivating colors that represent remarkable transparency and clarity.

Pietersite: Healing Properties

Pietersite Healing Properties Pietersite Healing Properties

Physical Healing:

Piertersite provides absorption of nutrients, stimulates the nervous system, boosts energy, keeps safe during bad weather and harsh storms, and assists the pituitary gland, metabolism, blood pressure, and illness. Pietersite Gemstone connects the wearer to the spiritual side to understand the inner positive behaviors and disconnect the soul from Negative Aura.

Pietersite Gemstones help to treat infections, the common cold, and fever. It helps to clear hard situations and heartbreak emotions. It helps to attenuate pain so that the wearer can heal. This Gemstone establishes a positive manner in the human body which helps to connect your soul in a Positive aura. It helps the wearer deal with various health issues. It helps to boost the power and provide positive energy.

Emotional Healing:

You can choose to wear Pietersite Gemstone Jewelry to overcome toxic relationships because this stone provides self-confidence, self-dependence, self-isolation, empowerment, and acknowledgment. Pietersite Jewelry is a symbol of love, peace, truth, purity, and positivity. This stone holds the power to increase romance and passion. Pietersite Gemstone symbolizes enchantment, beauty, charm, greatness, attractiveness, peace, spirituality, and positive energy.


Wearing Pietersite Jewelry evokes inner peace, positivity, compassion, feelings of love, and good relationships. Pietersite Gemstone is a popular choice for romantic and positive jewelry pieces and is available in a variety of shades, shapes, and sizes. It also allows versatility, intuition, and creativity.

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