Engagement Ring Metal and gemstones: Which is the Right One for you? Engagement Ring Metals and gemstones: Which is the Right One for you?

Engagement, a small word, carries thousands of meanings for the two people exchanging not only the ring but the commitment of living together and not giving up on each other throughout their life. Engagement day holds special essence for two families, as the ring connects the bond stronger between everyone associated with it. This jewelry piece is forever, and it is a symbol of love that can be cherished every day. In this blog, we are assisting what people are asking for their engagement rings and how you can guide them in buying the flawless ring for themself.

From glimmering metals to their birthstone gemstone, we have compiled everything that everyone should know before buying the rings for their fiance. So, let us start first with the metals and then with the birth month gemstones.

The Trendy Metal 925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver metal Sterling silver metal

Sterling silver is not a pure metal but is close and known as a metal alloy. It is a combination of metals like pure silver is mixed with copper; 92.5% is silver metal, and the rest, 7.5%, is an alloy. This additional metal makes it stronger and more durable for making jewelry and silverware. In addition, it is a metal that can be used on a daily basis, as it won't be damaged or dented. We all know that silver tarnishes itself from being exposed to the air. But you can clean your sterling silver jewelry with the anti-tarnish liquids and the soft cloth, and it will become like the new item you recently bought from a store. 

Moreover, the advantage of this metal is that it is anti-allergy; it will never harm the skin or the piercing area, so that anyone can wear it freely.

It's Time To Choose The Right Gemstone

It's time to choose the right gemstone It's time to choose the right gemstone

After you have chosen the metal, it is time to select the gemstone you want to imbibe in your metal. Diamond is, of course, the best and the ultimate option, which has been used for many generations. Moreover, there is no compassion to it, but if you want to go for something different and the latest with the trend, then going for the birthstones would be an excellent choice. You can pick up the stone of the month when your partner or fiance has been born. So, here is the list of the month and the gemstones connected with it. 

Garnet - The Red Beauty For The January Babies

Garnet - The red beauty for the January babies Garnet - The red beauty for the January babies

The birthstone for the month of January is the Garnet, which is a group of silicate minerals that have been used since the bronze age. From the rich and vibrant color to its appearance, there are many reasons to choose a garnet ring. Garnet - the red color stone is the color of love and the symbol of celebrating the love that's bold and compassionate. It has been associated with love matters. It is the perfect stone for the January babies as it instantly communicates romance. Moreover, Garnet is the sign of Capricon and strongly motivates them to succeed and gain positions of power. This stone is prized for its outstanding choice for a ring that expresses love with a beauty that never fades.

Amethyst - The Gorgeous Choice of Spunky People

Amethyst - The gorgeous choice of spunky people Amethyst- The gorgeous choice of spunky people

Amethyst, the February birthstone, is a captivating choice for spunky brides adding spice to the regular kind of jewelry. It has been a treasure among the ancient Egyptians and is the sign of luxury for the one born under the Aquarius zodiac sign. In addition, the purple color stone brings the energy of love and understanding, which is why Amethyst rings are trendy and popular. This stone holds a special meaning to make your special day more special, as it is crafted with purity and can be sentimental for the brides who are connected to the family heirlooms. The bride can choose to wear the white or silver shade engagement gown onto which this purple ring will shine differently. Everyone at the party would not be able to her their eyes off this exquisite ring. 

Aquamarine - The Glittering Blue Stone For The March Babies

Aquamarine - The glittering blue stone for the March babies Aquamarine - The glittering blue stone for the March babies

The march birthstone Aquamarine is known for its resemblance to the glittering blue sea. It is the water stone with the calming energies, and it is the transparent stone having a similar sheen to the diamonds. The blue color is the color of calmness which has been on the rise lately, especially by the brides of 2023. Therefore, the Aquamarine rings are the best way to wear the combination of old and new blends together. As the mesmerizing stone can be surrounded by small diamonds all around, Aquamarine can be a centerpiece grabbing all the attention. Moreover, it is one of the hardest gemstones, so the wearer can wear this gemstone daily without thinking much about the damage and scratches.   

Herkimer Diamonds - The Best Way To Wear The Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds - the best way to wear the diamonds Herkimer Diamonds - the best way to wear the diamonds

The ones born in the month of April are fortunate, as Diamonds are their birthstones. Well, we are giving you the option of buying the Herkimer diamonds for your partner, as these look similar to the original ones. Herkimer diamonds are gorgeous gemstones that are transparent in appearance and are lovely in attracting the positive energy of the universe. Therefore, it is the best alternative to wearing the original diamonds. Moreover, they rate 7.5 on the Mohs scale hardness so that it can be easily worn on a daily basis. Herkimer diamond rings are a great choice; you must check them out.

Green Onyx - Made for May Born

Green Onyx - Made for May born Green Onyx - Made for May born

The Green Onyx is a versatile and elegant gemstone having incredible properties. This brilliant gemstone can be a perfect engagement present for the bride born in the month of May. The stone has the ideal brilliance, which will create an aura of the bride and make every head turn towards her and her beautiful ring. It is a mysterious crystal that helps in the journey of life by bringing the hope of light and encouragement at every stage. This substantial stone will look great in the shades of green, pink, and red outfits.

Moonstone - The Magical Crystal For The June Babies

Moonstone - The magical crystal for the June babies Moonstone - The magical crystal for the June babies

No engagement ring is complete without a sparkling centerpiece, and what can be better than the Moonstone piece for the bride born in the month of June. Moonstone is one of the great choices as an engagement ring, as this gemstone has the power of the moon and stars and the Goddess Diana. There are various shades you can choose from, ranging from blue, white, multicolor, pink, and many more. Moonstone ring can complement to the outfit what's already there with their perfect sheen and brilliance. The ring would stay in the eyes of every spectator who witnessed it for even once. The magic of this gemstone is what every woman should own!

Ruby - The Sophisticated Gemstone For Your Big Day!

Ruby - The sophisticated gemstone for your big day! Ruby - The sophisticated gemstone for your big day!

The magnificent gemstone Ruby is the symbol of love, passion, and compassion, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings. The modern couple prefers buying the ruby and diamond ring, as ruby becomes the center stone and diamonds as the adjacent stones. It is the stone of love and luxury, which will bring all the happiness and joy in the life of the couple. From the rough ruby to the solitaire designs, this gemstone has captured the hearts of gem lovers all across the globe. Wearing this gemstone on your big day would add ten stars to your outfit and luck. These are the immaculate kind of jewelry pieces that July babies can opt for, as they will enrich the glam of the girl wearing them. 

Peridot - The Unique and The Beautiful Gemstone

Peridot- the unique and the beautiful gemstone  Peridot- the unique and the beautiful gemstone 

Peridot is the birthstone for the ones born in the month of August, and it makes a striking and exciting engagement ring. The rich green color is enticing and full of romantic and historical symbolism. Moreover, after engagement day, this ring can be worn on an everyday basis, as it rates high on the toughness scale. So, the bride can wear it on a daily basis without worrying much about the damage. Moreover, it is a unique and totally different color, which will fetch the eyes of every beholder present there. 

Lapis Lazuli - The Simple and Yet The Elegant Gemstone

Lapis Lazuli - The simple and yet the elegant gemstone Lapis Lazuli - The simple and yet the elegant gemstone 

The astonishing Lapis Lazuli is a sparkling gemstone with a brilliant-cut which is a perfect piece for the bride born in the month of September. This pretty ring is a unique, eye-catching, and unforgettable piece of jewelry. Lapis Lazuli adds style and personality to the outfit of the women, and it is worth spending money and time on this gemstone. This gemstone is the emblem of simplicity yet elegance. So, if your fiance is born in the month of September, then don't think too much and directly go to purchase this gemstone ring.  

Opal - 'The Queen of The Gemstone.' 

Opal - 'the queen of the gemstone Opal - 'the queen of the gemstone

Opal is an exceptional stone, as it is a gemstone with so many different properties. It depicts the flash of light and faultlessly represents the unique spark and fire in the relationship. In many European countries, Opal ring are used for the purpose of engagement rings, as it is said that this ring brings the couple closer to each other while creating better mutual understanding between the couple. Opal stone comes in various shades, ranging from pink, blue, orange, yellow, black, green, colorless, and multicolor. Choosing an Opal engagement ring for the bride born in the month of October is a decision anyone can make because it will make life smooth and better.  

Citrine - The Stone of New Beginnings

Citrine - the stone of new beginnings Citrine - the stone of new beginnings

The bright yellow Citrine is the birthstone of the November-born babies. Citrine is the symbol of the Sun, which showcases the new beginnings, so it is the perfect option for being used for engagements. It can cheer up the new beginning for the couple. In addition, it is an affordable ring that can make a girl shine like a star. Moreover, it absorbs positive energies, filling the person with positivity and joy.


Turquoise - The Promising Stone

Turquoise - the promising stone Turquoise - the promising stone

Turquoise is the bluish-green gemstone that gives the promise of 'leave me not.' It is indeed the best gemstone for the ones born in the month of December. Selecting this gemstone as an engagement ring for the bride born in December would be an ideal choice. However, it is one of the oldest gemstones mined and the only stone after which the color name has been officially named. Turquoise jewelry brings good fortune, luck, and protection in life, helping the wearer fight all the problems of life. 


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