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Have You Ever Heard of White Topaz Gemstones?

This radiant stone is widely known for its appealing beauty and affordability. White topaz is a kind of inexpensive diamond which can be used as an alternative to diamond as its durability is 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, this is a highly durable stone and can be a good substitute to diamond. White topaz appears as a simple colorless topaz,lacking color.

This gemstone is known for its purity and cleansing properties. This gemstone is not so expensive as compared to other precious gemstones like diamond, ruby, and emerald. White topaz carries a rich history and terrific benefits, from spiritual healing to metaphysical properties. In this blog, we’ll explore more about this fascinating white topaz gemstone.

What Is White Topaz Gemstone?

What Is White Topaz Gemstone What Is White Topaz Gemstone

White topaz gemstone is a popular semi-precious gemstone, typically colorless, and transparent in nature. It is a mineral of silicate with composition of aluminum, oxygen, and silicon. White topaz scientific name is Aluminium Silicate Fluoride Hydroxide. Topaz is popular for its broad range of colors, range of topaz varies from pale yellow to brownish pink and almost blue white. From ancient times this stone has been used in jewelry making and also for decoration.

Hypothetically, This stone is known as the copy of diamond or we can say it is a semi- precious diamond. White topaz is a highly durable gemstone and its reflective index is higher as compared to diamond which unfortunately will help to sparkle bright light if cutted into faces. This stone symbolizes trust and honesty, due to its pure and clear vibrations.

The Origin of White Topaz Mineral?

The Origin of White Topaz Mineral The Origin of White Topaz Mineral

White topaz mineral firstly believed to originate from the ancient greek who connected this stone with their zeus, and apollo. It was also popular among the Romans, who used this stone as the healing stone. In the 18th century this stone was used in jewelry-making processes because of its appealing glorious shine and look.

It was beloved for its stunning appearance and is highly demanded among those who want to purchase diamonds but don’t want to spend much.

Physical properties of white Topaz Mineral

White topaz mineral is alluring gemstone, mostly found in colorless, or transparent in appearance. This stone contains a high durability of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Topaz can be found in different shades of hue such as pale yellow to brownish pink, or in blue white shade.

Reflective index of white topaz is higher as compared to diamond, this helps topaz to sparkle light faster as compared to diamond. This stone shows multiple gainful benefits. A real white topaz holds uncountable physical, and metaphysical energies. This stone promotes awareness, calmness, and helps to remove obstacles from your life.

Healing Properties of White Topaz Mineral

Calmness and relaxation: wearing a white topaz ring provides calmness of mind and relaxation of body throughout a tough face of life and also helps to overcome the anxiety issues. This gemstone emits loving energy, which is enough for you to relax your mind and proffer soothing energy. Wearing a white topaz jewelry which pairs well with sterling silver jewelry provides additional benefits to the users.

Clarity and focus: Wearing a white topaz pendant brings consistency, and spirituality. This stone emits divine energies which tenders the mental clarity and strong focus. This pretty stone helps to align the center chakra which controls our mind and strengthens our grit. White topaz pendant with plain silver jewelry covering pairs well with the white topaz jewelry.

Physical healing: Wearing a white topaz bracelets balances your physical health. White topaz gemstone stops your bones from getting older. It ensures the condition of the heart and also helps to cure lung related issues such as asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. White topaz gemstones keep checks on physical healing.

Emotional healing: Most happening healing that needs nowadays is emotional healing. People often take therapies to stabilize themselves. Wearing a white topaz necklace will help you to overcome emotional damage that has happened to you. White topaz gemstone helps to control anxiety issues, anger issues, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts.

Spiritual healing: Wearing a white topaz earring helps to gain intuition power, insights you for achieving goals, strength the concentration power, and helps to stay cool and calm in worst situations. Spirituality indirectly enhances intellectual powers, and meditational power.

Are White Topaz Gemstones Rare?

Are White Topaz Gemstones Rare Are White Topaz Gemstones Rare

White topaz gemstone is an abundant and sufficient stone present on this mother earth. White topaz especially, is abundant in nature and was also used by our ancestors for making jewelry. This stone is treated before using it in jewelry making purpose to give extra shine and gorgeous look to it. This most valuable white topaz gemstone comes from the land of brazil and sri lanka. Availability of different topaz differs such as the pinkish-white topaz is rare to find. But this white topaz gemstone is present in abundance.

White Topaz Gemstone and Its Zodiac Association

White Topaz Gemstone and Its Zodiac Association White Topaz Gemstone and Its Zodiac Association

White topaz gemstone is a zodiac sign jewelry and also a birthstone jewelry as it is beneficial for those who belong to sagittarius. This gemstone brings good luck and protects against witchcrafting. White topaz elements negative energies from your aura and induce positive energies around you. This gemstone can also be gifted to your loved ones on their birthday and can also be gifted on wedding anniversaries. This gemstone will protect your loved ones from evil eyes, and from negative energies.

Final Thought

White topaz gemstone is a never ending well. Its benefits and healing properties are uncountable. White, Its rational properties make it mighty and long lasting, while its spiritual qualities provide inner grounding, mental peace, and serenity. It’s also relatively cost- effective compared to other precious gemstones such as diamonds, so it makes a brilliant choice for anyone looking to invest in gemstone jewelry.

Where to Buy White Topaz Jewelry?

The most important question is not this but this indirectly, Whom to trust? In today’s era the synthetic man made gemstones are being supplied so, it becomes very important where to buy original gemstones without getting fooled. For buying original and trusted jewelry it is better to go for wholesale gemstone jewelry, as wholesalers are trustworthy as compared to shop owners. If you want pure gemstone jewelry it is important to go for handmade gemstone jewelry, it ensures the purity of stone. White topaz is also a zodiac sign jewelry, birthstone jewelry, sea life jewelry.

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