Sunstone Jewelry Facts Sunstone Jewelry Facts

Overview Of Sunstone

Sunstone is said to be a stone of joy and leadership which encourages the wearer to enjoy life. Sunstone is used for navigation and inspires good nature. Sunstones have hardness (6.5-7.2) and can be worn in any type of jewelry setting, including Sunstone Pendants, Sunstone Rings, Sunstone Bracelets, Sunstone Earrings, and Sunstone Necklaces. It contains strong wearability properties to fit on varieties of jewelry. Gem cutters can facet Sunstone with almost any design suitable to their color and size. The process of pairing and styling Sunstone with 925 Sterling Silver creates Sterling Silver jewelry.

For centuries, Sunstones have been a source of fascination and beauty of life. Sunstones have distinctive properties with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also wear Sunstones in alluring and trending jewelry styles including Plain Silver Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Birthstone Jewelry, Zodiac sign Jewelry, Alphabet Jewelry, Sea Life Jewelry in addition to custom Jewelry.

According to the quality, cut, color, and clarity, the cost of this amazing Sunstone ranges between $20 per carat to $4,500 per carat. These Gemstones are not only beautiful to look at but also have valuable characteristics. Sunstones are enchanting stones that are polished for use in a variety of Jewelry with unique designs.

Sunstone: History and Lore

Sunstone History and Lore Sunstone History and Lore

Around 1800 years ago, Sunstones were very expensive, less known, and rarely found in limited quantity. After being mined in Siberia, Ethiopia, Norway, and other parts of the world, Sunstone became known to everyone then it became less expensive and found in adequate amounts.

In the early 1900s, Sunstones were found in the desert area, of Warner Valley in the United States (Oregon). Native Americans became the first collector of Sunstone from Warner Valley.

Sunstone is commonly known as “Aventure scent Feldspar” or “Oligoclase Feldspar”. Heliolite is another name for Sunstone that has been found in Tanzania, China, Congo, Canada, India, Mexico, Norway, Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, Ethiopia, and the United States like New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Oregon in the United States is renowned for its famous and precious Sunstone deposits.

Sunstone: A Luminescence for your Sacral and Solar Chakras

Spiritually, Sunstone is associated with the activation of the Sacral Chakra and Solar Chakra helps you to connect with higher positive energies. The Sacral Chakra is located just below the belly button and protects from infections and lower back pain. This Chakra connects to our self-worth. Similarly, the Solar Chakra is located in the stomach areas and helps to solve digestive problems including ulcers, indigestion, and eating disorders. This Chakra promotes self-confidence and self-esteem.

Sunstone Cleansing Process:

Sunstone Cleansing Process: Sunstone Cleansing Process:

To glister your Sunstone, regular cleaning is recommended. Sunstone Gemstone Cleansing is needed to see the distinctive characteristics of your rocks and the process is very simple.

Sunstone cleansing process is very easy, and simple, and can easily be done at home. You have to rinse the Sunstone in clean and warm water. Then steep Sunstone for several minutes in a bowl of clean water, and seethe the bowl to provide a little turbulence. Now, remove the Sunstone from the water and let them dry to complete the process. Avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner or any chemicals for cleaning treatments of Sunstone.

Various Cut Process Of Sunstone

Various Cut Process Of Sunstone Various Cut Process Of Sunstone

The natural form of the Sunstone already boasts a certain brilliance. This precious Sunstone is cut in various shapes and styles. The choice of cut ultimately depends on the desired look and applications of the Sunstone. Cabochon and Faceted Cuts processes are usually used to cut Sunstone.

    • Cabochon Cut: This is the most popular cut for Sunstone. Cabochons are excellent for displaying the stone's natural beauty. The natural clarity and inclusions can be showcased by this cut.
    • Faceted Cut: Faceted cut offers more brilliance. Similar to traditional stone cuts, the faceted cutting style maximizes glitter and brilliance. Faceting Sunstone can be more challenging and result in smaller gemstones. While less common, Sunstone gems can also be faceted into various shapes like brilliant, emerald, and round cuts.

Excruciating Beauty of Sunstone Jewelry

Excruciating Beauty of Sunstone Jewelry Excruciating Beauty of Sunstone Jewelry

Wearing Sunstone jewelry can remove emotional traumas, negative thoughts, overthinking, depression, anxiety, mental stress, tension, and inflammation. It will help to detoxify the body of the wearers from different harmful substances. This Gemstone Jewelry is a hypnotic and spellbinding attractive that helps to beautify the purity of the soul. Sunstone Jewelry helps to increase Psychic abilities and the wearer can feel the meditational aura and inner peace.

Sunstone is the most powerful gemstone that provides the way to a happy and prosperous life. It helps to purify the blood, proper functioning of the heart, alleviate negative energies, promote protection from the evil eye, provide inner peace, reduce physical and mental illness, increase emotional strength, and provide happy life. Wearing Sunstone jewelry helps to promote a sense of tranquility and inner peace. It also enhances intuition, positivity, and creativity.

Unveiling the Benefits of Sunstone

Unveiling the Benefits of Sunstone Unveiling the Benefits of Sunstone

Sunstone works with the immune system and eases Physical and Mental illness, when it comes to healing the body. It also helps to encourage sweet restorative sleep and reduce sleep problems. Sunstone helps to sweep away the fear and negative energy from the wearer and also provides stress relief and less mental pressure.

The Sunstone Jewelry protects our mind from emotional manipulations, black magic, evil nazar, and less concentration. This Gemstone creates a Positive aura for the wearer and provides health benefits with its energetic power. It symbolizes the power of motion regarding certain circumstances positively and emotionally. The wearer can easily get connected with the spiritual side to gain positive vibes.

Why Wear Sunstone Jewelry?

Why wear Sunstone Jewelry Why wear Sunstone Jewelry

You can wear Sunstone anywhere for your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health benefits. These kinds of Gemstones have tranquil qualities which means Sunstone protects the wearer suffering from addictions, mood disorders, and restlessness. By wearing Sunstone jewelry the body feels relaxed. Sunstone Jewelry creates attractive styles with its fashionable designs, making the body stylish and stressless.

Many people believe that wearing a Sunstone brings protection from bad karma and evil. It also boosts the whole system and revitalizes your body. Wearing Sunstone increases the Positivity and Dealing Power. Chakra can be activated and balanced by wearing Sunstone Jewelry. Wearing Sunstone jewelry creates positive impacts and you will be unable to face any Physical and Mental illness.

Sunstone: Healing Properties

Sunstone Healing Properties Sunstone Healing Properties

The Sunstone contains many healing properties that help to protect your body, soul, and mind from negativity. Sunstone promotes emotional well-being, relieves Headaches or Migraines, and attenuates negativity. It is believed that the metaphysical benefits include healing physical and mental illness. It contains a distinctive character and is also beneficial for developing concentrations.

Sunstone establishes a positive manner in the human body which helps to connect your soul in a Positive aura. It helps the wearer deal with various health issues. It helps to boost the power and provide positive energy. The wearer feels protected from Physical and Mental illness. Sunstone encourages you to trust your inner wisdom and think clearly. It activates the chakra to attenuate the negative aura by developing positivity in the wearer.

Sunstone: Zodiac Birthstone

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun is the ruling planet of the Sunstone. Sunstone strengthens its effect and power for the people governed by the Sun planet and also is the birthstone of the zodiac sign “Libra”. People born under the Moon Sign Pisces, Leo, and Libra also get benefits of Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Mental healing. Wearing Sunstone Jewelry near the heart is optimal and helps to promote healthy living, happiness, fearless life, confidence, passion, love, and clarity.

Final Thoughts

Sunstone Jewelry is renowned for balancing the pressures of human life. To overcome lots of stress and pressure at work, the body needs meditation and Relaxation in a short time. Sunstone contains peaceful properties that help to strengthen emotions and feelings. Wearing various Sunstone RingsSunstone Earrings, Sunstone Pendants, Sunstone Bracelets, and Sunstone Necklace helps you to maintain blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.

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