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Sunstone Jewelry

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Elegant Sunstone Jewelry : The Stone of Leadership

Sunstone is a microcline feldspar containing red copper, hematite, and goethite. When you look at sunstone from certain angles, it shows a spangled appearance, and this phenomenon is known as aventurescence in gemology. This optical phenomenon in which sunstone shows a spangled appearance is caused due to inclusions of hematite, red copper, or goethite, which is present as minute scales. These minute scales are hexagonal, rhombic, or irregular in shape. If you look closely at the inclusions, you will find them similar to that of Aventurine, which is why this gemstone is also known as Aventurine-feldspar. Not all sunstones exhibit aventurescence (which is a type of Schiller Effect). The feldspars that display aventurescence (or simply Aventurine-like appearance) are called Oligoclase. This is why sunstones are found in two types - "oligoclase sunstone" and "orthoclase sunstone".

Sunstone was discovered by JD Dana in 1837. This gemstone is not rare and is found in regions all across the world, such as Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Norway, Russia, China, Canada, and Oregon in The United States. The sunstone found in Harney County, Oregon, and in eastern Lake County north of Plush is known as “Oregon sunstone.” This sunstone is quite unique since its crystals are larger in size in comparison to any general sunstone. Oregon Sunstone contains elemental copper that leads to variation in color within some stones. The copper content in the stone is the reason for its darker complexion. In 1987, Oregon sunstone was declared the state gemstone of Oregon.

Sunstone is often called heliolite. It was named so in 1801 by mineralogist Jean-Claude Delamétherie. This name is derived from two Greek words, ‘helios’ (meaning ‘sun’) and ‘lithos’ (meaning ‘stone’). Sunstone is found in various colors, ranging from clear to vibrant red. The intensity of the color in sunstone jewelry depends on the amount of copper present in the stone, and this copper is the main reason why this gem has a pinkish or reddish hue. Please be cautious of blue or green sunstones. They rarely occur naturally, and most of the sunstones in the colors of blue and green found in the market are treated.

Sunstone has a rich history. Native Americans used sunstone to facilitate trade, and they used it similarly to how we use currency nowadays. They also believed that sunstone has magical healing abilities and it can provide the wearer with joy and zest when needed. Vikings are said to have used sunstone compasses to find their path in the hills and fields since this stone shimmers even when the sun is not present.

Assorted Sunstone Jewellery at Wholesale Prices

Sunstone has many physical as well as metaphysical healing traits. It is the stone of leadership, and it helps you in finding your personal power. Wearing sunstone jewelry balances the body's feminine and masculine energies (yin and yang energies), assisting the wearer in growing his consciousness and experiencing more freedom. It also helps the wearer establish healthy boundaries in your life by boosting self-confidence. It also fills the heart with happiness and joy. As far as the physical healing traits of this stone are concerned, this stone aids in relieving sore throat, fighting stomach ulcers, and solving the issues of the spine. If we talk about the zodiacs, the sunstone jewelry is perfect for those born in the sign of Libra as well as Leo.

Since the color of the sunstone is orange and red, this stone is a perfect match for people who desire to heal, balance, and align their sacral chakra. This stone also affects the solar plexus chakra when paired with Yellow Labradorite, Fire Agate, Amber, or Yellow Apatite. If you want to gain maximum benefits from your sunstone jewelry, make sure to charge it since it absorbs the negative energy of the environment to protect its wearer. The best way to charge Sunstone is to leave it in the sun for several hours. In order to clean your favorite piece of sunstone jewelry, use warm water and mild soap. Clean the sunstone jewelry with a toothbrush to remove dust and dirt. Then, pat dry it with a soft cloth.

Shopping at Rananjay Exports: An Effortless Experience

Rananjay Exports is a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in India, successfully serving the industry since 2013. Shopping with us has always been an easy job. Not only do you get wholesale pearl jewelry like sunstone necklaces, sunstone earrings, sunstone rings, and sunstone bracelets, but you also get jewelry in a wide variety of other gemstones as well, like Calcite, Stichtite, Imperial Jasper, Copper Turquoise, Moonstone, Tiger Eye, etc.

If you believe in the existence of chakras and you have firm faith that working on your chakras can help you in your spiritual journey, check out our chakra jewelry collection. Our chakra jewelry has seven stones for healing all of your seven chakras. The stones are as follows: Amethyst (for aligning the crown chakra), iolite (for aligning the third eye chakra), Moonstone (for aligning the throat chakra), Peridot (for aligning the heart chakra), Citrine (for aligning the solar plexus chakra), Carnelian (for aligning the sacral chakra), and Garnet (for aligning the root chakra).

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