What Type of Chain is Best for Pendants Type of Chain for Pendants


Most probably, whenever you have bought pendant necklaces in the past, chains were included with them. However, many jewelry retailers and almost all wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturers and suppliers sell chains and pendants separately, in order to provide their customers freedom of picking up the exact chain for themselves. You must be thinking of how will you know which chain would suit which pendant, and are there any guidelines regarding the same? This is why we have created this comprehensive guide through which you can familiarize yourself with different types of chains and which ones work best on pendant necklaces. Rest assured, after reading this guide, you will be able to shop for jewelry with confidence.

The Nine Different Types of Chains You Can Experiment With

Nine Different Types of Chains Types of Chains

Cable Chain

The traditional link jewelry chains that we all admire and love are the cable chains. This style of chain is well known for its oval or circular wire links that are found to be interlocked into one another. This chain style has a uniform construction, and looking at it, you will find that it resembles the iron chain that is used for anchoring ships. Cable chains are found in a lot of different variations, sometimes, you will find them to be round, sometimes, they are flattened, and other times, they have a pendant attached to themselves. Another name for the cable chain is the “link chain”.

Curb Chain

Curb chains are those chains that possess flat links that are twisted together so that they lie flat against the skin when worn. The links can either be round or oval, and these links are tightly twisted together in a manner where each link faces forward. If you are thinking, why is it so, well, it's because this gives the chain a bold look while also giving it a solid-edge appearance. Popular among men as well as women, curb chains are considerably heavier than the other types of chains and durable as well.

Figaro Chain

The chains that feature one elongated oval link followed by two or three small circular links are known as Figaro chains. Some of the most remarkable Figaro chains are manufactured in Italy. Worn both by women and men, these chains are often worn alongside pendants such as medallions and crosses. At their core, all Figaro chains are curb chains, since each link lies flat against the wearer’s skin.

Ball Chain

The chains made of hollow beads that are connected through short pieces of wire are known as ball chains. All metal beads are of identical shape and size. The beads present in ball chains possess two small holes on the opposite side, and the wire used for connecting the beads is deformed at the end so as to bind inside the ball like a rivet. Generally used with non-high-end jewelry such as modern charms, keychains, and dog tags, ball chains are also known as pelline chains or bead chains.

Trace Chain

The chains that are comprised of small, oval-shaped links that are all uniform in size and never wider than 2 mm are known as trace chains. Since trace chains are made in various thicknesses, they are ideal for dainty pendants having delicate charms.

Belcher Chain

Belcher chain is a sub-type of trace chain having broad, oval, round, or D-shaped links, all of which are interlocked and soldered together. Also known as the rolo chain, the links in a belcher chain are wider than they are thick. If you pull the chain, you will find that the links alternate 180 degrees, thus giving the chain a classic look. In general, you will find the belcher chain thicker than most styles, which is why they are ideal for standalone necklaces. To be specific, this type of chain is very popular among men’s jewelry.

Rope Chain

The chains that possess multiple small links in the pattern and shape of a rope are known as rope chains. Extremely popular among the hip-hop community, the rope chain consists of small links that are carefully interwoven so as to form twisted, rope-like lengths of chains.

Box Chain

The jewelry chain that is made up of square links connected together is known as a box chain. As sturdy as box chains are, they’re also known as square link chains, Venetian chains, briolette chains, and cube chains. The way they are made is slightly complex; first, round wires and flattened, turning them into box-like shapes, and then, for making the chains, these small cubes are interlinked. Popular among both men as well as women, box chains are highly resilient to snapping. Since the gaps between the links are wide enough for the hair to pass, it is ideal for everyday wear without risking your hair getting pulled.

Snake Chain

Chains made up of small, round plates tightly interwoven together so as to form a smooth tube, resembling a snake’s skin are known as snake chains. The name of the snake chain comes from the scaly texture of the chain, which resembles a lot to the skin of a snake. Also known as Brazilian chains, the snake chains have an extremely smooth surface and are very comfortable to wear. They are very flexible as well, and they come in a variety of different lengths.

What Is The Best Chain That You Can Wear with Different Pendants?

What is the best chain that you can wear with different pendants? What is the best chain that you can wear with different pendants?

We know that you are thinking about picking up the best chain so as to make your pendant look complete and polished. Most of the charms that you purchase online at e-commerce stores, or at various jewelry stores come with a straightforward chain that is made in a way so that it works best with the pendant. However, some designer jewelry pendants might not include a chain. In this particular case, it is best for you to understand the basics when it comes to finding the perfect chain for your pendant necklace.

Speaking in general, you need a chain that is strong enough to support the weight of the pendant. Also, you need to ensure that the design is subtle enough in the sense that the loop on the pendant can easily slide over the chain. From a fashion point of view, a minimalistic design will serve you the best because it does not take attention away from the pendant you wear, and the entire focus of the person looking at you is on the pendant itself and not the chain.

Simple chains, such as the cable chain, the curb chain, the Figaro chain, and the box chain are all great options for any type of pendants. Not only do these chains possess high durability and are timeless as well, but the minimalistic look they have makes them work wonders with most pendant styles.

The snake chain tends to be too delicate for pendants. The problem with snake chains is, they have such tiny links that they easily get bent out of alignment. Since broken links of a snake chain require soldering in order to fix them, you can conclude that snake chains are difficult to repair. So, use your own judgment when pairing a pendant with a snake chain.

The final thing you need to consider about chains is their thickness. Ensure that the chain is not too thin, because of which it is not strong enough to hold the pendant in place and thus has a possibility of getting broken during use. Also, at the other end of the spectrum, ensure that the chain is not so thick that it impedes the pendant’s ability to slide smoothly along the length of the chain. Thus, we suggest you start with a chain between 0.9 to 1.0 mm in thickness and then go up from there, based on the style you prefer.


Now that you are aware of different types of chains and which chains work best with pendants, you can go out and shop the chain you desire with confidence. If you are overwhelmed with the different styles of chains and do not know which one to choose, ask the jeweler and rely on his opinion. And, if you are a jeweler and you want to purchase plain silver chains or 925 sterling silver chains at wholesale rates, order them from Rananjay Exports.

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