Types of Jasper Types of Jasper and How to Use Them


Can you guess one of the few gemstones that is as old as Earth? Well, it’s none other than Jasper! If you have ever browsed for jasper jewelry online, you must have found that this stone is not only unique and versatile, but it comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. You must be wondering about the chemical composition of jasper. Well, jasper is a form of chalcedony or microcrystalline quartz. We have got to cover a lot in this comprehensive guide about jasper stone, so, without further ado, let us start with the most basic question - What is Jasper?

What is Jasper?

What is Jasper What is Jasper

As a member of the quartz mineral family, Jasper stone is composed of silica which gives this stone an opaque appearance. Does not matter which type of jasper you consider, each and every jasper specimen contains tiny quartz crystals that have gained a distinct color and pattern because of mineral impurities present in trace amounts, such as the presence of iron in the case with red jasper. On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, jasper ranks 7, which makes it a dependable stone in the field of jewelry making.

Because almost all jaspers have vibrant colors and patterns, lapidaries and jewelers fashion them into polished cabochons, thereby highlighting the intense colors and patterns of the stone. Although jasper is considered the zodiac stone for Virgo, Aries, and Scorpio, different types of jasper stones are considered apt for different zodiac signs. For instance, the red jasper is considered beneficial for Aries and Scorpio because it supplies them with extra endurance. Similarly, the bloodstone jasper is the traditional birthstone for the month of March.

When it comes to color, you will find jasper in endless varieties. Don’t feel surprised if you find jasper in colors such as green, orange, red, black, yellow, and blue. Another thing you need to note about jasper is that each type of jasper gets its name based on its color. For instance, bloodstone jasper is found with red inclusions, whereas bumblebee jasper is a type of jasper that comes in hues of orange, yellow, and black.

Different Types of Jasper

Different Types of Jasper Different Types of Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper

Ever seen the jasper that showcases a beautiful array of colors and markings similar to a bumblebee within its crystal formation? Well, you have seen a bumblebee jasper. This particular type of jasper is a combination of minerals that create colorations of yellow, black, grey, and white.

The energy of bumblebee jasper jewelry is invigorating in the sense that it brings creativity and clarity to the wearer’s life. Apart from this, Bumblebee Jasper also makes you a powerful manifester, allowing you to focus and commit to the goals you have. Inviting sustenance and joy into your life, this beautiful jasper raises your vibrations, thus allowing you to have high self-esteem and self-worth.

Bloodstone Jasper

Bloodstone jasper is also known as Heliotrope. Generally, bloodstone jasper is a green jasper with spots of bloodred hematite throughout the gemstone. Bloodstone jasper possesses a strong and nurturing energy.

It has a strong, nurturing, and supportive energy in the sense that it boosts our immune system and renews vigor within our body. Whenever you are closing the old cycles and going through change, this stone is very useful. The vibrations of bloodstone also tend to improve your motivation and levels of energy. Apart from this, this crystal can do wonders when it comes to ancestral healing and communication with departed loved ones. Wearing bloodstone jewelry will allow you to connect with your bloodline, ancestors, and family.

Coffee Bean Jasper

If you think that nothing feels more energetic than drinking the morning cup of coffee with which you start your day, then here is a new experiment that you can do: meditate with coffee bean jasper stone in the morning. As you meditate with this beautiful stone possessing a coffee color, you will find that it's better to meditate with this stone as you start your day rather than drinking coffee in the morning.

The energies of this beautiful gemstone are like coffee – they brighten up the mood, make you more aware, turn you awake, and energize you. The cocoa brown color of coffee bean jasper is extremely grounding and it allows you to connect with the root chakra as you work with this stone.

Deerfawn Jasper

Deerfawn jasper, which is a subtype of chalcedony, is a yellowish-brown to brown gemstone that has hints of white-colored spots and speckles on its surface. The spots of white exist on this stone because of inclusions such as ash, minerals, and sediments. This jasper gets its name from its resemblance to the texture of a deer’s skin.

The Deerfawn jasper has unique healing properties and metaphysical attributes. The calming energies of Deerfawn jasper are extremely beneficial during times of anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. Deerfawn Jasper also acts like a friend you can rely on anywhere, anytime by keeping you calm and composed in challenging situations. It also allows you to tap into your inner peace, happiness, and a sense of wholeness.

Imperial Jasper

Imperial jasper is one of the jasper which is available in a wide array of colors and patterns, such as pink, green, purple, turquoise, blue, and brown. Some variants of imperial jasper also carry an egg-shaped formation within the stone.

This beautiful crystal harbors powerful energies of support and strength. As you work with Imperial Jasper, you will find yourself filled with positive vibrations, approaching life in a calm and graceful manner. Also, Imperial Jasper invites peace and serenity into your life.

K2 Jasper

K2 Jasper is a rare gemstone that is found in the Karakoram Range located in Pakistan. This beautiful gemstone is named after K2, the world’s second-highest mountain, and is a combination of blue Azurite and granite. This combination of blue Azurite and granite gives this stone powerful healing energies.

When it comes to the healing properties of this stone, K2 Jasper purifies the user’s mind and heart by eliminating negative thinking patterns and emotions. It is also renowned for stimulating creativity and inspiration and helps those who are in creative pursuits, such as artists. Lastly, this stone is believed to perform wonders when you want to safeguard yourself against psychic attacks, negative energies, and evil eyes.

Noreena Jasper

The Noreena jasper possesses deep reds and oranges that appear diluted in some sections and darker in other parts of the gemstone. The Noreena jasper looks stunning when its colors are combined in contrast with grays, white, and cream. The patterning of this crystal is also unique – it either has colors swirled together, or it has colors that appear in the form of angular markings. These patterns change from area to area.

The energies of Noreena Jasper are nurturing and supportive in the sense that they make the user emotionally strong. Noreena Jasper also encourages us to free ourselves from obsessive energies and get past our addictions, which hold us back, while making us easily accept the much-required change.

Ocean Jasper

The ocean jasper possesses stripes, patterning of orb shapes as well as other intricate patterns. The ocean jasper, also known as the sea jasper, is found in colors of green, white, brown, blue, black, red, gray, yellow, pink, and orange.

The energy of ocean jasper Is connected to the moon and its lunar cycles, which is why it affects our water bodies. You can use ocean jasper to deepen your connection with the moon and the sea. The energetic vibrations of this gemstone will allow you to become more resilient, and nurturing and it will also bring your emotional body into balance.

Peanutwood Jasper

Peanutwood jasper is one of the most visually striking variants of jasper. The reason why it's special is because it is made up of distinct, fossilized remains of prehistoric plant material. These fossilized remains are trapped within the black-to-dark-brown matrix of the Peanutwood jasper. Sometimes, this jasper resembles peanuts, which is why, it has been given the name Peanutwood jasper.

The Peanutwood jasper invites grounding energies into its user’s life, and it allows its user to anchor down to the warm and soothing energies of mother nature. Also said to strengthen the spine and help people who have trouble walking, the benefits of Peanutwood jasper are practically innumerable.

Pinolith Jasper

Pinolith Jasper is an extremely rare gemstone that is made up of Graphite, Dolomite, and Howlite. It is formed as a result of the Howlite nodules settling and getting encased in between the layers of Graphite and Dolomite. Having an extremely unique chemical makeup, this mineral was first found in 1873 in Austria.

This stone has protective and grounding energies and it provides strength to the wearer. On an emotional level, Pinolith Jasper calms the user even in the worst of setbacks and acts as a trusted friend who eases emotional pain. It allows the user to easily process heavy emotions such as grief, sorrow, loneliness, and despair.

Porcelain Jasper

Porcelain Jasper possesses large bands and sections of stone that appear like porcelain clay. The beautiful colors and patterns of Porcelain Jasper are combined with the shades of red and gray, making this stone versatile for being used in high-end jewelry.

Porcelain Jasper is a stone that has gentle, tranquil, and graceful energy. It allows you to let go of your fears and relax as deeply as possible. This gemstone is also supportive in case you are dealing with tricky experiences, and it soothes nervousness, anxiety, and overthinking as you use it during such sensitive experiences.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is well known for its predominantly red color, and sometimes, it possesses hematite crystal inclusions. This beautiful gemstone is a stone of courage, passion, and protection. As a stone of action, this gemstone makes you more action-oriented while also allowing you to embody the energetic traits in your physical vessel. Red Jasper is also known for its ability to assist with shame, sexual dysfunction, and fertility issues.

Rosita Jasper

The beautiful Rosita jasper belongs to the chalcedony family and it is generally found in mild to intense shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow. With its vivid colors and bright shine, this stone looks as if it is out of this world. According to popular legends, Rosita Jasper allows the user to connect to higher realms and receive angelic guidance.

There are many therapeutic qualities of this stone. For instance, this stone strengthens the body and increases overall stamina. Your circulatory system also benefits as you use this stone. Emotionally, it allows you to calm down and relax, enabling you to take downtime as you let its soothing vibrations flow into you.

Willow Creek Jasper

The Willow Creek Jasper is exclusive to Idaho, the USA, and is famous for its fine-grained texture. Because it has pastel colors, it is considered the finest variety of porcelain jasper. Generally, it is formed as the center of giant spherical rocks that form in the layers of volcanic ash. The colors of Willow Creek Jasper can range from red and brown to green, cream, and even blue.

The Willow Creek Jasper is believed to possess grounding properties that connect an individual’s energy to the energy of Mother Earth. This stabilizes the physical body and allows the wearer to achieve balance in life. Other uses of Willow Creek Jasper include wearing it in the form of jewelry for relieving pain, like the one caused by muscle tension or any kind of chronic pain.

Zebra Skin Jasper

The Zebra Skin Jasper is an opaque stone that has signature alternating bands of white and black. These stripes of black and white appear as if they are the skin of a zebra, hence the name Zebra Skin Jasper. The bright and contrasting patterns of Zebra Skin Jasper give its users happiness, conviction, and confidence. This stone also strengthens the physical stamina of the wearer and allows him to feel a surge in his energy levels.


Now that you know about what jaspers are and their various varieties, you can easily identify them as you go into the market to buy one for yourself. You can also refer to the healing properties and metaphysical attributes of jasper from this blog in case you want to make buying decisions based on the benefits that a certain type of jasper offers.

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