Types of Tiger Eye Stone Types of Tiger Eye Stone


A poet once said that when you look at a tiger eye stone, your inner tiger looks back at you. If you are not familiar with the tiger eye, well, it is a type of chalcedony having a brown to amber hue and stripes of grey and black across its surface. Wearing tiger eye jewelry such as a tiger eye necklace, tiger eye ring or tiger eye pendant can serve as a reminder to embrace your confidence – no matter what the situation is. After all, this woodsy stone is famous all over the world as a stone that invites confidence in the wearer’s life. Through the help of this blog, we will discuss the different types of tiger eye stones. But first, let us understand what the tiger eye is.

What Is Tiger Eye?

What is Tiger Eye What is Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is a type of quartz crystal that is mainly found in the African sub-continent. It possesses an attractive brownish-golden color and it has a silky luster because of which it resembles the eye of a tiger. Talking about its transparency, it is opaque in nature. This stone is commonly mined in metamorphic rocks that are found in shades of brownish red with iron stripes on them.

Within the different types of quartzes, tiger eye is the variety of quartz known as chalcedony. In the context of mineralogy, the tiger eye is technically a quartz pseudomorph, which is why it differs from other quartz minerals. In simple words, pseudomorphs, such as tiger’s eye, begin as one mineral before changing into another mineral. Because tiger eye starts as a crocidolite mineral, it is also known as pseudocrocidolite.

The reason why tiger eye stone looks very different from other forms of quartz is because of the crocidolite fibers within quartz. All natural and genuine tiger eye crystals display simple chatoyancy. Simple chatoyancy is different from cat’s eye chatoyancy – as the tiger eye displays simple chatoyancy, it displays multiple streaks of light. Some other stones that display simple chatoyancy are pietersite, charoite, and seraphinite.

Tiger’s eye ranks between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness. There are different types of tiger eye stones in the market, the most common among them is the simple tiger eye explained above. Other categories include Blue Tiger Eye, Iron Tiger Eye, and Red Tiger Eye.

Although tiger eye is very economical and affordable, you will find treated tiger eye stones in the market as well. The common treatments that a tiger’s eye can go through include bleaching, dyeing, and heating.

Talking about the bleaching enhancement, it is done on a tiger eye when it is too dark to be sold. In this case, although no bleach is used, nitric acid is used to lighten the color of the stone and create a more appealing color. Similarly, when you want a natural tiger eye stone to showcase red tints, heat treatment is used and thus you can say that the red tiger eye is developed artificially. When the dyeing process is used, the color of the tiger’s eye stone becomes more saturated, or the color is changed altogether.

Types of Tiger Eye Stone

Types of Tiger Eye Stone Types of Tiger Eye Stone

Blue Tiger Eye

Blue tiger’s eye is another version of the tiger eye stone that is also known as Hawks Eye, Falcons Eye, Silicified Crocidolite, and Rodusite. The appearance of this stone is entirely natural, meaning, it is not treated like other blue gemstones that are modified using processes such as heat or are produced in laboratories. When mined, it possesses a beautiful blue hue but as it reaches jewelers and goes through lapidary processes, it gets a little bit of brown and gold color. Blue tiger eye is also classified as a chatoyant stone as it contains amphibole fibers and quartz.

Blue tiger eye is believed to have many meanings, but primarily it has been thought of as a protective stone that shields the wearer from negative vibrations, evil eyes, and malevolent influences. In ancient times, it was believed that blue tiger eye jewelry could ward off nazar, and save you from dark forces. This stone also possesses many healing properties. Not only does it protect the wearer, but it also helps to improve his communication, be more effective at expressing thoughts and emotions, and boost overall self-confidence. It also opens up blocked mental and emotional channels, thus allowing you to be more creative and channel your energy freely in artistic endeavors.

Iron Tiger Eye

Iron Tiger Eye is a great combination of hematite, tiger eye, and red jasper possessing a beautiful blend of colors and healing properties. Specifically, it is composed of three different iron oxide minerals that have been combined together by Mother Nature. The jasper in Iron Tiger Eye gives it orange and yellow colors, the hematite in it gives it a brownish-red hue, and the tiger Eye adds dark brown bands throughout the crystal. This unique combination of colors has made Iron Tiger Eye attractive to many jewelers in today’s times. This stone is found only in Western Australia. Many people also call Iron Tiger Eye by the name “Tiger Iron”.

Coming to the healing properties of this stone, Iron Tiger Eye is considered a very powerful healing crystal since it combines the energies of three minerals into one. You can work with all three of your lower chakras (the root, the sacral, and the solar plexus chakra) at once and activate them using this stone. With these chakras activated and aligned, you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to with dedication, focus, and hard work. The hematite in this stone will allow you to keep your thoughts and ideas grounded and keep your mind clear of destructive thoughts. The red jasper will increase your endurance and determination. And tiger eye will increase your self-confidence and strength.

Red Tiger Eye

Looking at Red Tiger Eye, you will find it to be a beautiful combination of browns, golds, and reds. This stone has been used for about a millennium for its metaphysical attributes and healing properties. Basically, Red Tiger Eye is a category of quartz crystal that is composed of crocidolite along with quartz. It is full of red and black coloring and the shading of this stone is a result of oxidation of iron present in the crystal. This stone has a robust weight and feel. Generally, most of the Red Tiger Eye found today is mined in South Africa, Brazil, and Namibia, but it is also found in India, Canada, and the United States.

Talking about the healing properties of the red tiger eye, this stone is a stone of strength and passion. Red Tigers Eye works across the mind, the body, and the soul. It is one of the best stones for grounding and it also serves as a tonic for troubled minds. If you are looking to reconnect with yourself, feel new vitality and vigor, and rekindle your creative side, then you should definitely wear the Red Tigers Eye jewelry. This stone is also known for lightening up the emotional baggage you might be carrying and dragging along from various traumas of your life.


Everyone agrees with the fact that the tiger eye possesses unparalleled ferocity and strength. By wearing tiger eye jewelry, such as a tiger eye ring, tiger eye pendant, tiger eye earrings or tiger eye bracelet, you can find the strength within. And you don’t need to feel restricted when it comes to choices – there are multiple types of tiger eye stones in the market. So, are you ready to buy tiger eye jewelry? If yes, you can go online and shop it from any e-commerce website, or visit a chain store.

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