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Red Tiger Eye jewelry

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Red Tiger Eye Jewelry: Popularly Known As Dragon’s Eye

Popularly known as Dragon’s Eye, Red Tiger Eye received its name because of its luminescent stripes resembling the tiger’s stripes. Although it’s not rare, it is believed to be a newly discovered gem. The red tiger eye forms when the quartz stone is replaced by crocidolite (which is a blue form of asbestos). As this process happens, iron is oxidized, transforming into limonite. We can say that the red tiger eye is nothing but limonite ingrained inside a clear quartz.

Red Tiger Eye is associated with the tectosilicate mineral family, which is a semi-precious type of quartz having vertical luminescent bands. The luminescent bands indicate Chatoyancy, which is the optical illusion effect where a band of light Is reflected. This reflection of light is similar to how light bounces off a cat’s eye. It must be noted that although the raw and uncut red tiger eye looks like stripes of red and grey, the final polished and cut version of red tiger eye jewelry has no grey portions, and only luminescent red stripes are what’s left in it.

The red tiger eye can indeed be found naturally. However, the normal tiger eye is often treated and artificially enhanced to produce a bold, red color. The naturally occurring golden tiger eye may be enhanced via heating, or it may be dyed to transform it into the red tiger eye crystal.

The red tiger eye has a rich history. It was used in ancient Egypt as it was associated with the sun god, Ra. In ancient Egypt, many magic rituals and ceremonies used the red tiger eye since it was considered a stone for protection and a talisman that would repel evil spirits. It was also believed that the red tiger eye brought good luck and was thought of as a splendid lucky charm. The ancient Roman soldiers, too, used the red tiger eye as a talisman to provide them with strength and courage in battle. It used to be engraved on their sword and armor.

Many stones go well with the red tiger eye. When citrine, the stone for attracting wealth and abundance, is paired with the red tiger eye, it is said to amplify the power of the red tiger eye crystal. When smoky quartz, the stone known for its ability to ground and protect its wearer, is paired with a red tiger’s eye, it can help the wearer to balance his energy. When the red tiger eye crystal is paired with Howlite, it can help the wearer to soften and balance the energetic vibrations of Howlite, that help in promoting patience through the calm and soothing energies of the Howlite gemstone. When the red tiger eye is paired with obsidian, it is said to ground and protect the wearer, helping him to release negative feelings. The red tiger eye and the Obsidian duo are great stress relievers as well.

Finest Red Tiger Eye Jewelry by Rananjay Exports

Red Tiger Eye jewelry is said to balance the sacral chakra. If you lack energy or are working extremely hard to produce in an extremity, it clearly indicates that your sacral chakra is out of balance. The biggest problem with an unbalanced sacral chakra is that it inhibits your ability to enjoy your senses. You can bring this center into harmony by using red tiger eye jewelry. The Red Tiger eye is also said to help in creative and artistic endeavors and help you find joy in your passions by balancing the sacral chakra.

Apart from its chakra association, the red tiger eye is also said to have numerous metaphysical properties. Since it is an excellent grounding stone and enhances the connection to Mother Gaia, it can bring the flighty nature of its wearer back to normal. It is also known as the survival stone because it boosts up the power to fight adversity so that you can survive and preserve yourself. It is also said that the red tiger eye jewelry can help the wearer by providing them with wisdom and grace, allowing them to build upon their confidence so they may fulfill any role and perform any task.

The red tiger eye is a relatively hard stone, ranking seven on the Mohs hardness scale. Since it is a hard and robust crystal, cleaning it is an easy job. In order to clean your favorite piece of red tiger eye jewelry, use soapy water or saltwater. If you wish to recharge your red tiger eye jewelry, smudge it with sage, Paulo Santo, or any other incense. If you don’t want to smudge your stone, leave your red tiger eye jewelry on bare Earth or grass. This will charge the stone by reattuning it to the earth’s vibration.

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