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Red Tiger Eye Pendants

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Red Tiger Eye Pendant Collection

This Red Tiger Eye Pendant is a stunning accessory that would go perfectly with a thin neckline. The wisest move anyone can make is to add this pendant to their collection of jewelry. On special occasions, wearing this pendant will enhance appearance by adding the wearer's distinctive aura. When flaunted with style and elegance, it becomes the center of attention among the crowd. For those who are the most energetic, this pendant is the ideal present. This pendant is crafted with the utmost love and attention for all the eager individuals. And 92.5 percent pure sterling silver is utilized to make it durable.

Tiger eye gemstone can also be found in red, while typically being brown in hue. Its crimson color is so alluring that it attracts the attention of every eye that beholds it. The most coveted jewelry is produced when these exquisite stones are set in a setting made of 92.5 percent pure sterling silver, which jewelry stores throughout the world desire for. Depending on how these gemstones are removed from the parent rock, the tiger eye might vary in hue. The sterling silver's gleam is enhanced by the crimson color. East Asia and South Africa are the main suppliers of red tiger eye gemstone. Our trick for keeping each piece of jewelry the most authentic is sourcing the diamonds from these locations.

Red Tiger Eye Jewelry: Popularly Known As Dragon's Eye

Red Tiger Eye, also known as Dragon's Eye, got its name from the way its luminous stripes resemble those of tigers. It is thought to be a newly discovered gem, even though it is not particularly rare. When crocidolite, a blue type of asbestos, replaces the quartz stone, the red tiger eye results. Iron is oxidized during this process and turns into limonite. We can infer that the red tiger eye is simply transparent quartz embedded with limonite.

Red Tiger Eye is a semi-precious kind of quartz with vertical luminous bands that belongs to the tectosilicate mineral family. The luminous bands denote chatoyancy, an illusionary phenomenon when a band of light is reflected. This light reflection resembles how light reflects off a cat's eye. It should be noted that although the red tiger eye appears to have red and grey stripes when it is raw and uncut, only luminous red stripes remain when the red tiger eye is polished and cut into jewelry.

It is possible to find the red tiger eye naturally. To generate a strong red color, however, the natural tiger eye is frequently altered and artificially intensified. Heat can be used to enhance the naturally occurring golden tiger eye, or it can be colored to change it into the red tiger eye crystal.

The history of the red tiger eye is extensive. Due to its connection to the sun god Ra, it was employed in ancient Egypt. The red tiger eye was utilized in several magic rites and ceremonies in ancient Egypt because it was seen as a stone of protection and a talisman that would ward off evil spirits. The crimson tiger eye was also thought to bring luck and was regarded as a wonderful lucky charm. The crimson tiger eye was employed as a charm by ancient Roman warriors to give them confidence and vigor during combat. It was once inscribed on their armor and sword.

The crimson tiger eye complements a variety of gemstones. The red tiger eye crystal is thought to have an enhanced power when combined with citrine, the stone for bringing money and abundance. Smoky quartz, a stone renowned for its capacity to ground and shield its bearer, can assist the wearer in balancing his energy when combined with a red tiger's eye. Howlite is a gemstone that helps to promote patience through the calm and soothing energies of the stone. When the red tiger eye crystal is worn with Howlite, it can aid the wearer in calming and balancing the energetic vibrations of Howlite. The red tiger eye is claimed to ground and protect the user when combined with obsidian, assisting him in letting go of bad emotions. Additionally, effective stress relievers include the Obsidian Pair and the red tiger eye.

Rananjay Exports: Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer & Supplier Since 2013

The sacral chakra is supposed to be balanced with red tiger eye jewelry. It is obvious that your sacral chakra is out of balance if you lack energy or have to work very hard to create in an extreme. The main issue with an out-of-balance sacral chakra is that it prevents you from fully appreciating your senses. By wearing red tiger eye jewelry, you can harmonize this center. By balancing the sacral chakra, the Red Tiger Eye is also supposed to support creative and artistic activities and help you discover joy in your passions.

In addition to its connection to the chakras, the red tiger eye is claimed to offer a wide range of metaphysical qualities. It can restore the wearer's flighty nature because it is a powerful grounding stone and strengthens the bond with Mother Gaia. It is often referred to as the "survival stone" since it increases your ability to overcome hardships and preserve yourself. It is also stated that red tiger eye jewelry can benefit the user by giving them elegance and insight, enabling them to boost their confidence and take on any position or activity.

In terms of hardness, the red tiger eye ranks seven on the Mohs scale. Cleaning it is simple because the crystal is strong and durable. Use soapy water or salt water to clean your favorite piece of red tiger eye jewelry. Smudge your red tiger eye jewelry with sage, Paulo Santo, or any other incense to energize it. You should leave your red tiger eye jewelry on grass or bare ground if you don't want to smudge the stone. By returning the stone to the vibration of the soil, this will charge it.

The manufacturer and supplier of wholesale gemstone jewelry is Rananjay Exports. Since 2013, Rananjay Exports has served as a one-stop shop for all the problems you may have when buying jewelry made from naturally occurring gemstones. Since 2013, it has provided the jewelry business with its diverse range of jewelry as a manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of organically derived gemstone jewelry. Rananjay Exports' primary manufacturing facility is located in India's Sitapura Industrial Area (Jaipur). Rananjay Exports offers a large selection of Red Tiger Eye jewelry items, including pendants, necklaces, rings, and more, at discounted prices.

Check out our assortment of chakra jewelry if you have a strong interest in it and are influenced by yoga and the ancient Indian yogic traditions that have taught it. Our chakra jewelry, like a chakra pendant or chakra ring, contains gemstones that can help you align your chakras and develop your sixth sense and psychic ability. Iolite, Amethyst, Moonstone, Citrine, Peridot, Carnelian, and Garnet are the seven stones in our genuine chakra jewelry line that correspond to the seven chakras in the human body.

We have a sizable jewelry collection with more than 250 organically sourced gemstones, including Red Tiger Eye, Ammolite, Opal, Cinnabar, Green Tourmaline Quartz, Flint, etc. For order fulfillment, we exclusively use sterling silver and gemstones that are sourced organically. You must register on our website with your basic information before making a purchase from Rananjay Exports. Send us an email at or give us a call or text at (+91) 9116124275 if you have any questions.

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