Types of Topaz Stone and Their Healing Properties Types of Topaz Stone and Their Healing Properties


You might have heard about the topaz stone – that it’s a kind of transparent mineral that is available in different colors, including a form that is colorless. But, did you know about the different types of topaz stones? Majorly, there are 5 different types of topaz stones: Blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz, London blue topaz, white topaz, and mystic topaz.

You can imagine the love that the topaz gemstone receives worldwide through the fact that the US states of Texas and Utah have claimed topaz as their official state gem. Utah honors blue topaz as its official state gem, whereas Texas pays tribute to orange topaz as its official state gem. So, without wasting more time, let us jump into the world of topaz!

About the Topaz Stone

About the Topaz Stone About the Topaz Stone

Topaz is a type of nesosilicate mineral of fluorine and aluminum that is renowned for its stunning clarity and availability in a wide array of colors. From serene greens and blues to romantic reds and pinks, topaz stone is available in a lot many different colors.

Although you will find different types of topaz stone in different colors, yet, the topaz stone itself is allochromatic, meaning, in its purest natural form, topaz is of colorless nature. Different varieties of topaz exist in the market either due to the presence of impurities during the formation of the stone or because of treatments performed on the stone.

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, topaz clocks at an impressive 8, which is why, you don’t need to worry much about this stone – topaz jewelry can sustain the daily wear and tear very easily. Topaz has a vitreous or glass-like luster. In most cases, you will find topaz to be transparent, but in some cases, it might even be translucent.

Want to know how you can celebrate with Topaz? If your birthday lies in November or December, then you are blessed with Topaz as your birthstone. While the orange topaz is the birthstone for November, the blue topaz is the birthstone for December. Also, if you are born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, then you can opt for topaz as it is your zodiac stone. Lastly, blue topaz is the gemstone that is gifted on the 4th wedding anniversary and imperial or yellow topaz is gifted on the 23rd wedding anniversary.

Different Types of Topaz Stone

Different Types of Topaz Stone Different Types of Topaz Stone

Blue Topaz

As a member of the topaz family, the blue topaz ranges from pale blue to deep blue in color. Having a prismatic face, it possesses a vitreous luster. Spiritually, the blue topaz signifies action and communication. Since the blue color of topaz is the rarest, the blue topaz gemstone is considered very valuable. Blue topaz gemstone is found in various places all across the world, including places like Mexico, China, Brazil, Russia, and the USA. Blue topaz can also get its color from heat treatments as well as irradiations. In some cases, the blue topaz gemstone might appear greenish when looked at from certain angles. This is because of the fact that blue topaz gets its color from the color centers present in it, with these centers being blemishes in the crystal.

When it comes to the healing properties of this gemstone, Blue Topaz is a master healer. It heals ailments related to the throat and the head. It can cure migraines, soothe soar throats, and act as a gentle stress reliever. By boosting confidence, it can help you in your journey to overcome stage fear and make you a better public speaker. Also known as the writer’s stone, blue topaz can help you overcome writer’s block by finetuning your focus and enabling you to concentrate on the task at hand.

London Blue Topaz

London blue topaz is known to have a distinct charm because jewelry enthusiasts find its inky blue (meaning, dark blue) hue mesmerizing. Because of more saturation of dark blue color, the London blue topaz has more value attached to it and it is pricier in comparison to its contemporaries.

The color saturation in the case of London blue topaz is dependent upon the source from where the topaz specimens are extracted and the radiation with which the topaz specimens are treated. In their natural state, the topaz mined is colorless. However, when the topaz is treated with electron or gamma radiation, it gets a beautiful blue color.

Speaking of the price, the London blue topaz is counted amongst the most valuable stones in the market. Why? Well, because firstly, this topaz is a rare type, and secondly, its color looks stunning. Although the London blue topaz lies in the affordable price bracket, however, its popularity has made its prices soar higher in comparison to other regular blue gemstones.

Symbolically, the London blue topaz represents friendship and romance. Talking about the top astrological benefits, London blue topaz is believed to bring improvements in self-expression and communication in general. London blue topaz is linked with many healing properties as well. For instance, it eases the pain in joints. It also strengthens the intestines, treating digestive issues in people. In some cases, it has been reported that London blue topaz cures chronic illnesses such as thrombosis and asthma.

Swiss Blue Topaz

The Swiss blue topaz is a variety of topaz that looks similar to blue sapphire. This vivid blue topaz possesses a light tone, which is light to moderately saturated. The breathtaking azure hues of Swiss blue topaz make it a great alternative to aquamarine. Similar to other topazes, this stone ranks 8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is why it is considered tough.

Most of the high-quality Swiss blue topaz comes from Siberia, Germany, and Brazil. If you are someone with anger issues or if you are someone with a fiery temper, then try wearing Swiss blue topaz jewelry – it will bring balance to your life and reduce your outbursts of anger.

Apart from solving anger issues, this magical gemstone has other healing properties as well. For instance, this stone calms the agitated mind of the wearer through its beautiful tranquil blue hues. It also allows you to unwind after a tough day at work, easing your physical and mental strain. Not only does it calm down the wearer’s anger, but it also discharges other negative emotions such as hate, jealousy, regret, etc. from the wearer’s body. If you want to speak clearly or write in a flow state, try Swiss blue topaz – it will allow you to articulate what you want to speak or write and let your creative juices flow without blockages. Lastly, this stone is said to cure throat and neck-related ailments, since it is linked to the throat chakra.

Mystic Topaz

Mystic topaz is a man-made crystal. In its natural state, the state in which it is mined, mystic topaz has a neutral color. By neutral, we mean white or transparent color. Only after enhancement does the mystic topaz develop its signature rainbow iridescence. The specialty of mystic topaz is that it has a unique dual-tone effect because of which it tends to exhibit a range of colors, from green to purple and even at times blue. This multi-color aspect of mystic topaz makes it eye-catching and unusual.

This gemstone is created through the process of titanium coating, which is generally applied only at the top of the stone, leaving the bottom part transparent. Here, titanium is used to coat the topaz stone, and as a result of this coating, mystic topaz gets its signature rainbow look. The titanium coating on mystic topaz is extremely durable – you can rest assured that the topaz stone will be resistant to chipping, scratches, and other damages. However, you do need to ensure that topaz stone is not exposed to UV light or high temperatures – this can cause the color of mystic topaz to fade.

Mystic topaz is said to possess many healing properties. Wearing mystic topaz jewelry can cure physical ailments such as insomnia, digestive issues, and headaches. It is also claimed that this stone brings balance to the bioenergetic field of the person, thus restoring harmony in the body. Emotionally, it clears the mind of all low vibrational thoughts and infuses the psyche with much-required positivity. It is also claimed that this stone heals the nervous system and the heart.

White Topaz

White topaz has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as an appealing and affordable alternative to the mighty diamonds. Generally, white topaz is transparent and colorless in nature, and it is composed purely of aluminum silicate. Ranking between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, this stone can range from pale yellow to blueish white color. Since the refractive index of white topaz is higher than diamond, it tends to sparkle brighter than diamond when it is faceted.

The best part about white topaz is, that it is not as expensive as diamond, which is counted among one of the precious stones. Metaphysically, it is said that this stone allows the wearer to have clarity and focus on his road to achieving his goals, dreams, and aspirations. When it comes to the healing properties of this stone, it enhances creativity, increases intellectual abilities, and aids the wearer in his or her decision-making. White topaz jewelry is said to cure ailments related to the lungs, bones, and heart. Mentally, it eases tensions in the mind and calms thoughts that trouble you. Emotionally, it brings tranquility and peace, making you calmer than ever before.


Topaz is a stone that has been looked at in reverence for many centuries, and we are sure that it will remain a part of the trend for a long time. Not only is this gem versatile in nature, but it comes in a variety of different colors, with each variety having a different use. So, are you ready as a jewelry retailer to buy Topaz jewelry at wholesale prices?

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