Types of Tourmaline Gemstones and Their Healing Properties Types of Tourmaline Gemstones and Their Healing Properties


Among all the different types of tourmaline that you will find in the market, one pattern that repeats itself is that every tourmaline variety has a highly similar crystal structure but it widely differs in its chemical composition. What is a tourmaline? In simple words, tourmaline is nothing but a group of silicate minerals. This special gemstone is known to have the broadest color ranges among all the different families of gemstones.

It is claimed by some people that tourmaline is the national gemstone of the USA, but there is no official confirmation regarding this matter. However, as a matter of fact, the US State of Maine named tourmaline their official state mineral in the year 1971, soon after beautiful tourmaline specimens were discovered there. So, what makes tourmaline different from all the different families of gemstones found in the market? And what are the healing properties of tourmaline? Let's answer all your questions one by one as you go through this comprehensive blog.

What Is Tourmaline?

What is Tourmaline What is Tourmaline

As a semi-precious gemstone, tourmaline comes in a variety of colors – it doesn’t matter what your personality is, you will find one or the other color within the tourmaline family that suits you. There is even an ancient legend that claims that the tourmaline gemstone has traveled on a rainbow and collected all the colors found in that rainbow, and people believing this legend say that this is the sole reason why tourmaline has an impressive color range.

There is another gemstone that is well known for its hues that are similar to rainbow. Can you guess what that stone is? Well, it's opal. Coincidently, opal joins Tourmaline as the October birthstone. Opal is the traditional birthstone for October, whereas tourmaline is the Modern birthstone for October.

If you are a Libran and you love astrology, you would be delighted to know that tourmaline is your zodiac stone. And the best part here is, libras get to choose which tourmaline they wish to wear with its wide variety of colors. Also, tourmaline is regarded as the traditional stone for commemorating the 8th wedding anniversary. So, if your 8th wedding anniversary is near, get some tourmaline jewelry for your partner.

Mineral Characteristics of Tourmaline

Mineral Characteristics of Tourmaline Mineral Characteristics of Tourmaline

Although it is said that tourmaline is a boron silicate mineral, yet, the word “tourmaline” also refers to groups of different minerals with widely varied compositions, but similar crystal structures. If you are thinking about why tourmaline has varied compositions, well it is because of isomorphous placement.

Isomorphous placement is the process where some silicon atoms are replaced by other elements, such as magnesium, aluminum, copper, and iron, but the crystal structure remains the same. It's only because of this variation within the chemical composition of tourmaline that its mineral properties such as color, density, and refractive index may vary from stone to stone.

On the Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness, tourmaline clocks at 7 to 7.5, which is why it is just slightly harder in comparison to quartz.

Different Types of Tourmaline

Different Types of Tourmaline Different Types of Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a type of tourmaline whose color ranges from faint pink to vivid strong pink. You can find this mineral in transparent, opaque as well as natural forms. Generally, pink tourmaline is often found alongside other types of colored tourmalines and quartz. One such type with which pink tourmaline is commonly found is red tourmaline (rubellite). Its color is the result of the presence of elements like manganese and lithium in trace amounts within its crystal structure.

So, remember to not confuse pink tourmaline with red tourmaline – both are different, even though they might be extracted from the same mine. One more thing that you need to make a note of regarding pink tourmaline is, that it can also be found in bi-colors and tri-colors, where it has two or more shades in a single specimen. This is one of the specialties of pink tourmaline.

Typically, the pink tourmaline gemstone symbolizes unconditional love, emotional healing, compassion, and self-love. Pink tourmaline is an excellent stone for soothing you at times of distress and pressure and wearing pink tourmaline jewelry can also bring down your anxiety levels.

Some of the healing properties of pink tourmaline are as follows. It regulates the user’s emotions and purifies the mind and the heart. Not only does it strengthen friendships, but it also attracts new love and generosity towards the user. Pink tourmaline jewelry cleanses the blood, boosts the immune system, improves reproductive health, and enhances the fertility of the wearer. Lastly, it is said that pink tourmaline has the power to transform negative vibrations into positive ones, thus improving your zest and motivation.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a very powerful crystal known for its protective and grounding properties within the tourmaline family. Also known as Schorl, Black tourmaline is a type of silicate crystal having a trigonal crystal system and is chemically composed of Sodium Iron Aluminum Borate Silicate. Mostly, the stone is found in a pitch-black color, similar to the inky midnight shade of onyx. Another common formation of black tourmaline is the Dravite. Dravite is the browner shade of black tourmaline which appears to be earthly in nature. Dravite is the iron-rich variety of black tourmaline.

This stone was first discovered in the year 1400 in the heart of Saxony, Germany close to an old tin mine. Later, it was found in various parts all over the world, including the lush jungles of the Amazon in Brazil, the mountain region of Pakistan, and even in Maine, the USA.

Black tourmaline has a white streak. It is opaque in nature. When it comes to luster, black tourmaline may show a vitreous to sub-metallic luster. On the Mohs scale of hardness, Black Tourmaline is the same as other varieties of tourmaline, which is why it ranks between 7 to 7.5.

Of all the different shades of tourmaline, there is none that holds as strong protective power as black tourmaline. Among the many healing benefits, this stone is well known to block EMF radiation that is emitted through electronic devices. Talking about some of the physical healing properties of Black tourmaline, it is said that black tourmaline boosts metabolism, aids the circulatory system, and effectively eases muscle cramps and any kind of muscular pain.

Green Tourmaline Quartz

Green tourmaline quartz, which is also known as verdelite, is a type of tourmaline well known for its lush green color. Highly popular among jewelry enthusiasts and gem collectors due to its aesthetic appeal, this stone is also liked by the masses for its powerful healing properties and metaphysical attributes. Green tourmaline quartz gets its green color from the presence of iron in trace amounts.

Having exceptional transparency and a vibrant shade of green, these gemstones are formed in pegmatite veins. What are pegmatite veins? Well, they are coarse-grained igneous rocks that are abundant in different minerals. Generally, these veins are found in metamorphic rocks, like granite. The color of green tourmaline quartz can vary from specimen to specimen and it is dependent on the concentrations of iron present in the crystal along with other impurities. Some specimens appear pale or yellowish green, while others may have deep intense colors of green, known as emerald green.

Green tourmaline quartz first gained popularity in the 18th century in Europe, with the trade routes expanding and different gemstones becoming accessible to various parts of the world. Then later, in the 19th century, Brazil became the biggest exporter of green tourmaline quartz. Large deposits of green tourmaline quartz found in Brazil increased the availability of this gemstone, making it available to a wider set of audience.

Talking about the meaning of green tourmaline quartz, this beautiful gemstone is associated with abundance, vitality, and prosperity. When it comes to the healing properties of this stone, green tourmaline quartz is well famed for its ability to harmonize the energy of the wearer, promoting vitality and vigor. This stone is also associated with wealth, abundance, and prosperity, and wearing green tourmaline quartz jewelry may allow you to attract business and career-related opportunities. Last but not least, emotionally, this stone soothes the emotions of the user while alleviating any kind of stress, anxiety, and tension.

Fusion Tourmaline

Fusion tourmaline is a particular variety of tourmaline in which the same gemstone has multiple colors in it. You can easily find shades of pink, black, grey, orange, and yellow within the same fusion tourmaline cabochon. Although a semi-precious gemstone, it is easily available in the market. The hexagonal crystal structure of fusion tourmaline gives it a vitreous luster. Opaque in nature, the fusion tourmaline jewelry is generally worn for its protective properties.

There are many healing properties associated with fusion tourmaline. It is said to boost the nervous system while also allowing the body to go through a healthy natural detox. Fusion tourmaline also benefits the immune system, promoting the overall vigor and vitality of the individual. Additionally, it also cures various ailments such as arthritis, muscle cramps, and any kind of digestive trouble.

On an emotional level, this stone benefits the wearer by absorbing and transmuting his negativity and low vibrational energy. Soothing anxiety levels and increasing optimism, this gemstone can help you overcome bad emotions that make you gloomy and dim.


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