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Chrysoprase Rings

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Enigmatic Chrysoprase Rings by Rananjay Exports

Chrysoprase is a type of chalcedony that has traces of nickel. Nickel is found in the form of very small inclusions. It is a cryptocrystalline form of silica. Generally, the color of Chrysoprase is apple-green, but it is also found in deep green color. Chrysoprase is derived from the Greek language, where ‘chrysos’ means 'gold' and ‘prassinon’ means 'green.’ It rates between 6 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This gemstone is found all across the globe, with some of the notable deposits being in Australia, Brazil, Central Europe, North America, and South Africa. It’s also known as “Australian jade” since it is prominently mined in Western Australia and closely resembles a few vibrant East Asian stones.

Chrysoprase jewelry is trendy because of its striking hue. However, it’s not easily available at most chain jewelry stores, and you will never find Chrysoprase rings, Chrysoprase earrings, or Chrysoprase pendants at such stores. Since this gemstone is translucent and not transparent, it is turned into cabochons or beads while making Chrysoprase jewelry. Generally, Chrysoprase pendants, earrings, and rings are created through cabochons, while, with beads, Chrysoprase bracelets or stranded necklaces are created. It is believed that the best way to make Chrysoprase aesthetically appealing is to tumble and polish it, which is why it is mainly found in oval-shaped cabochons. The appealing bright green color of Chrysoprase jewelry makes it suitable for any outfit. Chrysoprase jewelry is highly desired since it can be used in daily wear and is ideal for any jewelry application.

Even though this gemstone is believed to be some of the most rare and valuable forms of chalcedony quartz, larger-sized Chrysoprase stones are economically viable and affordable. While purchasing Chrysoprase rings, earrings, or pendants, you won’t be paying much for the stone; instead, you will be paying for the craftsmanship, design of jewelry, and the brand from which you buy the jewelry. Chrysoprase suits both men and women because this gemstone looks gender-neutral. If you plan to buy Chrysoprase jewelry, such as a Chrysoprase ring, don’t buy it by its carat weight; instead, buy it according to size. There is a rule of thumb that applies to most colored gemstones: colored stones vary in size-to-weight ratio. Many gemstones are larger in size, while others are smaller than diamonds when compared by weight.

Chrysoprase is commonly used in engagement rings. Although it is not used as the main feature, it is frequently used as an embellishment. Many jewelers use this translucent gemstone to give an unusual, unique design to their engagement rings, and this acts as a distinguishing factor that makes them different from their competitors. These designer rings are sold at extremely high prices. Among various designs, the most common scenario that you will find is a ring where Chrysoprase is set as a focal stone with small diamonds encrusted around the Chrysoprase stone. You might also find rings with diamond, emerald, or sapphire as the main focal stone and small Chrysoprase gems embellished around the focal stone.

Genuine Chrysoprase Ring for Daily Wear

This green gemstone comes with various benefits. It helps the wearer become mindful, emotionally balanced, and meditative. It is also believed that this stone assists in improving reproductive health. It can increase the libido, improve fertility, and heal reproductive organs. It also helps in PMS and menstrual cramps by soothing the throbbing pain. If you are struggling to think positively and cannot see the brighter side of things, this stone will bring emotional healing to you, helping you to be hopeful and have an optimistic outlook. By clearing out your pent-up emotions and channeling the feelings that hold you back, this gemstone allows you to accept your emotions and take back control of your life.

This stone is also believed to be a blessing for all empaths. Empaths tend to soak up emotions in any environment, which is why others’ feelings quickly wear them out. Chrysoprase jewelry is believed to ground empaths, helping them set clear personal boundaries and ease the mind. This stone is also believed to sharpen the wearer’s focus, allowing him to reach his goals. Chrysoprase is linked to the heart chakra, which is why it cures the symptoms of a blocked heart chakra, such as isolation, self-pity, and paranoia. By using this stone to balance your heart chakra, you can feel worthy of good things in life and fill your heart with compassion for others and unconditional love.

Since Chrysoprase contains small quantities of water, dehydration can damage this stone. This is why you must protect your Chrysoprase ring from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, heat, and intense light sources. The best way to store the Chrysoprase ring is to keep it in a dark and slightly humid environment. Cleaning Chrysoprase jewelry is easy. All you have to do is use warm, soapy water and a soft brush or cloth to clean your favorite Chrysoprase jewelry.

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