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Ocean Jasper Rings

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Ocean Jasper Ring - A Unique Stone Found Near The Shores

Ocean Jasper is a fascinating gemstone that is usually found near the shores of Madagascar, and it is named after its closeness to the ocean. This beautiful stone is the outcome of volcanic activity, where silica-rich fluids invade blank spaces in basaltic lava flows. Over time, these fluids solidify, creating the specific patterns and colors found in Ocean Jasper. It is famous for its mesmerizing and diverse appearance and contains the shades of green, blue, pink, yellow, and white. It mainly showcases the swirling patterns and scenic formations that resemble miniature landscapes or abstract art.

It is comparatively more durable than other gemstones because its hardness is 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. One of the most alluring aspects of Ocean Jasper is its complex and rare patterns. These beautiful patterns result from various minerals and trace elements being deposited over time. The swirling colors and formations make each Ocean Jasper Jewelry piece a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. Its uniqueness and connection to nature make it an extraordinary gemstone to cherish.

Ocean Jasper Ring Helps In Balances The Heart Chakra

Ocean Jasper is believed to possess several metaphysical properties; wearing Ocean Jasper Earrings helps in emotional healing and enhances one's patience and understanding. As this stone was correlated with the element of water, so it is assumed that wearing Ocean Jasper Pendants brings a sense of calmness, relaxation, and emotional healing. And Ocean Jasper Ring helps the wearer to reduce stress, bringing stillness and peace. In addition, it also helps in releasing negative emotions, enhancing one's ability to communicate effectively. This captivating gemstone is also associated with the heart chakra, which is present in the center of the chest.

It is believed that wearing or meditating with Ocean Jasper Ring can help open and balance the heart chakra and promotes compassion and harmony. Ocean Jasper is a relatively rare gemstone, and the availability of high-quality gemstone can vary, and the factors on which the value of Ocean Jasper depends is the quality of the pattern, range of colors and overall appearance. The gemstones which are larger in size and contain vibrant colors are high in price. As Ocean Jasper is a rare gemstone, so it's essential to handle it with some care, like avoiding exposing it to complex chemicals, high temperatures, and prolonged sunlight, as they can damage the stone. Wash your Ocean Jasper Jewelry with mild soap and warm water and clean it with a soft cloth or brush.

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Ocean Jasper is considered a rare and limited gemstone due to its exclusive locality. It's scarcity and unique beauty contribute to its higher price compared to more common gemstones. And if you want to shop for an Ocean Jasper Ring, it is advisable to buy it from reputable jewelers or dealers who can provide detailed information about the stone's origin and authenticity. Rananjay Exports is the most trusted online Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and Supplier around the world, serving the industry since 2013. Our team of expert craftsmen makes each ring that leaves our facility with great care and love. Before taking on its final form, every piece of jewelry goes through numerous hands-on operations. We make the best because you are our top priority.

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