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Larimar Necklaces

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Larimar Necklace: The Dolphin Stone

The dolphin stone, also known as the Caribbean gemstone and Atlantis stone, is a stunning gemstone for creating jewelry. It is unique to the Dominican Republic, so jewelry enthusiasts worldwide adore Dominican Republic larimar jewelry. The gem was discovered in 1916, but it wasn't until Miguel rediscovered it in 1974 and named it Larimar, after his daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for sea, "Mar," that it gained the recognition it deserved. The price of larimar stone is relatively low in the Dominican Republic due to its availability in the local region. However, its popularity is more comprehensive than that area, as sterling silver larimar jewelry is sought after worldwide. Larimar benefits those born under the Leo astrological sign and stimulates the throat, heart, and third eye chakra.

An excellent meditation stone, larimar quickly and effortlessly calms the mind, bringing inner peace. It naturally raises consciousness and facilitates communication with the angelic realm. Larimar is also an earth-healing stone, connecting with nature and counteracting the earth's energy imbalances. It promotes harmony and balance of yin-yang energies, unifying our male and female qualities. Self-healing is promoted by Larimar, and it is effective in dissolving energy blocks, specifically in the head, neck, and chest. It is a stone of love and joy, opening up the heart and expressing unconditional love.

Authentic Larimar Jewelry For A Glamorous Look

Adding a touch of tropical flair to your outfit and expressing your unique personality can be achieved through larimar jewelry. When styling larimar jewelry, a popular choice is to pair it with a larimar necklace. The necklace can be a simple pendant or a bold statement piece featuring intricate designs and multiple stones.

For a casual look, a larimar pendant can be worn with a simple chain or a leather cord, while a silver or gold chain can be used to create a more elegant look. A trendy and versatile style can be achieved by layering the Larimar necklace with other necklaces. Larimar earrings can be paired with a larimar necklace or bracelet to create a coordinated look. Depending on your preference and mood, larimar earrings can come in different styles, such as studs, hoops, drops, or dangles.

A larimar bracelet can be a simple bangle or cuff or a more intricate design with beads, charms, or links. This bracelet can add color and sparkle to your wrist and provide positive energy and healing vibes. Showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of the larimar stone, a larimar ring can also express your style and taste. The ring can be worn on different fingers for different meanings and effects.

Mixing and matching larimar jewelry with other types of jewelry can create a unique and creative look that reflects your mood and personality. Larimar jewelry can complement other gemstones with similar or contrasting colors, such as turquoise, aquamarine, pearl, coral, or amber. It can also pair well with different metals with varying finishes, including silver, gold, rose gold, or copper.

Rananjay Exports Trusted Wholesale and Suppliers

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