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Phosphosiderite Jewelry

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Phosphosiderite Jewelry: Light Bearer of the Crystal Family

Phosphosiderite is one of the rare stones found on earth, made up of phosphate and iron. The stone can range in colors from brown-yellow to violet, rose red, pink, and even moss green. In its purest form, Phosphosiderite is found in cream-white color. Rarer Phosphosiderite crystals can come in green color that may be threaded with yellow. It gets its name from the Greek words “phosphorus” and “sideros” (“sideros” means iron). The crystal system of Apatite, Hematite, Zircon, and Barite is similar to that of Phosphosiderite. Phosphosiderite is found around other crystals such as Morganite, Kunzite, Lithium Quartz, Petalite, Rhodonite, Pink Danburite, Tugtupite, Rose Quartz, and Variscite.

It was initially discovered by Alfred Des Cloizeaux in 1858 but was designated "type I hureaulite.” Later, in 1890, it was named by Willy Bruhns and Karl Busz for its composition. The metaphysical meaning of Phosphosiderite can be known in the element Phosphorus, a name derived from the Greek language that means “light bearer.”

It has been documented that Phosphosiderite is a member of the metavariscite group. It is also the dimorph of strengite. It is not soluble in Nitric acid and completely soluble in hydrochloric acid. Since it is an ornamental stone, it can be cut into a cabochon shape for making Phosphosiderite jewelry.

If we talk about the color, this gemstone is generally found in bright orchid-purple tints with streaks of yellow. The lines that look like veins which are found in Phosphosiderite go by the name “cacoxenite.”

There are four other color variants of Phosphosiderite, which are rarer to find. These are brown-reddish yellow, rose red, dark purple, and mossy green. Notably, Phosphosiderite can also be found colorless.

The crystal structure of Phosphosiderite is Monoclinic, and it has a vitreous luster. If we talk about the hardness of Phosphosiderite, it ranks 3.5-4 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which is why it is soft. It is brittle in nature.

Phosphosiderite is mainly mined in Argentina, France, Liberia, Chile, Germany, South Africa, the USA, and Sweden. Phosphosiderite is mined in South Dakota in the Black Hills and in California at Stewart Mine in the US.

From a technical standpoint, some people argue the fact that Phosphosiderite is a mineral and not a gemstone. Another debate regarding Phosphosiderite for many people is whether it is a hydrated aluminum phosphate variety similar to variscite. One of the Phosphosiderite varieties is Vilateite, a manganese-bearing Phosphosiderite.

Authentic Phosphosiderite Jewelry Collection at Wholesale Price

Phosphosiderite jewelry is desired for its ability to calm the mind and connect with the heart while leaving the fear of survival aside. It’s a delicate crystal having comforting energies. It is said that Phosphosiderite jewelry reduces anxiety, cures nightmares, and removes the subconscious fears and worries in one’s mind. Phosphosiderite jewelry also heightens the perception of its wearer, opening his heart to unconditional love.

It is said that this crystal positively influences the upper chakras, including the heart, third eye, and crown chakra. Some people say that its vibrations are so high that it ends up affecting the soul star chakra, the chakra which is above your head, bringing the etheric energy into your body.

Since the energies of unconditional love are anchored inside Phosphosiderite jewelry, it affects the “high heart,” the chakra located in the Thymus gland. At the high heart, this stone increases your sense of oneness and love for every living being. As a crystal that heals your upper chakras, Phosphosiderite jewelry is said to sharpen intuitive visions and the sixth sense, connecting you with your spirit guides and the spiritual beings of higher realms. It opens up your imagination and helps you channel the wisdom of your soul, via which you can understand your life purpose better.

If you are buying a piece of Phosphosiderite jewelry, then don’t confuse Phosphosiderite with lepidolite! Both have similarities, like both are similar colored crystals, and both have a monoclinic crystal structure which makes them relatively soft. However, there are a few notable differences as well. Lepidolite is more similar to amethyst than Phosphosiderite. It shows fluorescence, which Phosphosiderite never indicates. Also, mica is the principal constituent of lepidolite, whereas Phosphosiderite consists of phosphorus and iron. Another key difference is, Phosphosiderite is a little bit harder in comparison to lepidolite.

If you wish to clean your favorite piece of Phosphosiderite jewelry, rinse it with room temperature water and mild soap via a soft cloth or toothbrush. Dry gently by patting it with a soft towel and storing it in a cool, dry place. One thing you need to remember while using your Phosphosiderite jewelry is that you should avoid its direct contact with heat, hard cleaners, abrasive chemicals, and hard minerals.

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