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Birthstone Jewelry

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Birthstone Jewelry Collection

Birthstones are such powerful gemstones that have immense effects on one’s life. Birthstones are associated with each birth month and that is how every person has a birthstone based on the month they are born. They are believed to have mystical powers that help us in our daily life. Wearing a birthstone is more like wearing a lucky charm. Birthstones work as catalytic agents, that encourage positive energy around us and protect us from negativity. In the contemporary jewelry trends, birthstone jewelry has grown popular and it is in trend to wear birthstone jewelry irrespective of gender. This is one of the unique things about birthstone jewelry is that it is worn by all genders, be it male, female, or other genders. Birthstone jewelry is celebrated by all.

Birthstone jewelry comes in a variety of ranges such as birthstone rings, pendants, earrings, etc. different birthstones, all together create a huge collection of birthstone jewelry such as amethyst rings, pendants, and earrings for February-born people, and the same goes for March, April and other months of the year. Earlier when birthstone jewelry was usually meant to wear for healing and good luck, birthstone rings were the most common type used by average people. But as the fashion of birthstone jewelry came into trend people started going for other types such as pendants, earrings, and bracelets of birthstones. We provide a massive variety of designer birthstone jewelry such as:

Garnet Collection for January Borns

This fascinating birthstone is found in dark red, brownish orange, and wine shades. It is the birthstone of people born in January, apart from a birthstone it is also used as a rashi ratna of Aquarius. Garnet is one of the earliest gemstones, that has been in use since 3000 BC for its powerful talismanic properties. We offer a whole range of garnet jewelry such as garnet rings, garnet pendants, and garnet earrings of trendy designs.

Amethyst Collection of February Birthstones

This purple beauty of the quartz family, is the February birthstone. It has the properties to protect from the negativity around us and connect us to the divine. We provide a wide range of gorgeous amethyst jewelry like rings, pendants, and earrings of the latest trend.

Aquamarine Collection for March Borns

March is associated with the Aquamarine birthstone. The blueish and green transparent gemstone helps us in achieving success and makes it come to us seamlessly. Aquamarine is also believed to be helpful in liver, throat, and stomach-related problems. Notwithstanding its healing benefits, the beautiful luster of this gemstone makes it perfect to align with any piece of jewelry. We have a huge collection of aquamarine jewelry that includes pendants, rings, earrings, etc.

White Topaz Jewelry Collection for April Borns

This stone has a strong capacity to help us heal our psyche, help to deal with stress and depression, and also enhance the clarity of thoughts. This April birthstone is the perfect fit for rings, earrings, and pendants. Our designer collection of White topaz jewelry is unbeatable in quality and the range we offer worldwide. Check out our latest white topaz birthstone collection.

Green Onyx for May Borns

This birthstone of May is associated with the planet Mercury, which is related to one’s intelligence, brain power, and sharp memory. It encourages us to tell the truth fearlessly. We have a wide range of green onyx jewelry collections that include rings, earrings, and pendants of different varieties.

Moonstone Collection for June Borns

The birthstone for June, moonstone as the name suggests is supposed to carry the properties of the moon itself. It has great spiritual powers to connect us to our inner feminine energy. Moonstone jewelry is quite alluring, giving a sophisticated touch to the bearer along with all the metaphysical supports. We have an excellent collection of moonstone earrings, pendants, and moonstone ring of various shapes and designs that not only boost one’s outer personality but also inward nature. Visit our page for the latest designs.

July Birthstone - Ruby Jewelry Collection

The name ruby itself means red. This blood-red July birthstone is extremely strong and measures 9.0 on the Moh scale of hardness. It is associated with Fire and the Sun god in ancient mythology. This gem of rare beauty symbolizes love and passion. It has strong mystical powers to change our lives on various levels. Jewelry made of Ruby has a fascinating appeal that quickly captivates our attention. We have an exceptionally gorgeous collection of ruby collection in which pendants, earrings, and rings of traditional as well as exotic designs are available.

Peridot Birthstone for August Borns

August borns have Peridot as their birthstone, this yellow mixed green colored stone symbolizes compassion, and is known as the stone of compassion. It helps in balancing our emotions and mind, which leads to a peaceful relationship. Peridot is responsible for bringing good health and sound sleep. We have a wide range of designs in peridot rings, pendants, and earrings. Do check what’s new in our Peridot collection.

Lapis Jewelry Collection for September Borns

Lapis is one of the birthstones of September. The deep blue luster of this stone symbolizes inner peace, tranquility, wisdom, and intuitiveness. It encourages the bearer to express themselves fearlessly. We have a fantabulous collection of Lapis jewelry consisting of earrings, rings, and pendants of various ranges and designs of the latest fashion.

Opal Collection as October Birthstone

This semi-precious queen of gems Opal symbolizes luxury and prosperity in one’s life. It sparks love, passion, and prestige in life. The shimmering luster of opal enables it to form beautiful jewelry pieces. We have a unique collection of designer opal ring, earrings, and pendants. Check out our opal collection.

Citrine Collection for November Borns

The perky yellow color citrine is the birthstone of November. This beautiful birthstone symbolizes optimism and positive energy. It also boosts the self-awareness and confidence of the wearer. We provide a diverse range of citrine jewelry collections. Citrine ring, pendants and earrings of exclusive designs and shapes of original quality.

Turquoise Collection for December Borns

December borns have turquoise as their birthstone. It is one of the earliest mined stones which is quite soft. It helps in building communication and emotional healing. Turquoise manifests water and air elements. A perfect fit for those who are born in December. We provide a varied range of designs in turquoise ring, pendants, and earrings.

Apart from our collection we also design and provide customized handmade birthstone jewelry for individual needs. You can anytime contact us with your requirements, we have solutions for all your birthstone jewelry related issues.

Rananjay Exports

We are one of the largest manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of gemstone jewelry across the world. We are Jaipur, India-based company. We have expertise in birthstone jewelry of all kinds. We have a magnificent collection of gemstone silver, gold, and brass jewelry. We manufacture and supply a diverse range of handmade jewelry and custom jewelry. With an exceptionally trained team of researchers and designers, we provide handmade antique designs as well as the most trendy gemstone jewelry collection specially designed for our clients worldwide.

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