The tranquility of water, the color of the sky, Larimar is the blue color stone that comes with the Striking whites that describe the sea of the Caribbean from where it originates. It brings ancient wisdom and is known as the bluestone of Atlantis. This gemstone has the healing powers of dolphins that help to harmonize the body, mind, and soul while alleviating the pain

Larimar is so rare that it is only found on only a tiny part of the earth. So if you are planning to buy larimar jewelry. Here are some specific things that you need to know before making the purchase.

What is Larimar?

Larimar Stone Larimar Stone

Larimar is made up of pectolite(fact - pectolite is a white-grey mineral made up of sodium-calcium hydroxide found abundantly worldwide). But Larimar is made up of a rare kind of pectolite, which usually is found only in the Dominican Republic of the Caribbean. Which makes it a unique gemstone to find.

Larimar is extracted from the only known mine, Los checheses in the Caribbean. The extreme rarity of the stone makes Larimar the relic of the Dominican people.

Larimar Meaning and Symbolism

This rare blue beauty larimar is the amalgamation of two different words, lari and Mar. Lari came from Larissa, the daughter of Miguel Mendez, who rediscovered the stone in 1974. Mar means sea, which describes the Caribbean waters where it is being found. This name depicts the tale of the bright sunlight on the tranquil water of the Caribbean.

The stone is the embodiment of serene water and sky; as the water stone, it calms down the fears and helps to calm down the body, mind, and soul. It heals in a spiritual, emotional, and physical way.

It also stimulates the crown chakra facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. Because of larimar healing properties, people around the world wear larimar pendants and rings.

Evaluating Larimar’s Color

Evaluating Larimar’s Color Evaluating Larimar’s Color

For those of you who don’t know, Larimar is not only some blue color stone. In fact, it is a turquoise color stone with white patterns which resemble the sunlight over the Caribbean waters. It also comes in the variant of white, green-blue, and deep blue.

The deep blue color of the Larimar is extremely rare to find, which makes it costlier and more precious than the other colors of Larimar. While the whitish Larimar is valued less.

Larimar Gemstone Clarity

The Larimar represents the tranquility of water, so it usually has serene composure with a smooth texture. The clarity varies from translucent to transparent. The sleek, silky texture of the larimar stone jewelry makes the wearer calm and composed.

Choosing Larimar Cut

Choosing Larimar Cut Choosing Larimar Cut

Larimar is a softer gemstone. It ranks 4.5 to 5 on the moh’s hardness scale. So making larimar jewelry is extremely difficult, But the fibrous ingrowth gives it the required strength, which is why it can be used in jewelry. Larimar is available in varied sizes but is usually found as a large cabochon gemstone. That is why it makes the most ecstatic larimar jewelry loved around the globe.

Synthetic, Treated, and Imitation Larimar

Most gemstones that you find in the market are not altered, and they are natural. The same goes with Larimar; the genuine Larimar found in the market is unimproved and is unenhanced. But because of the rarity of this gemstone, some people dye the stone and sell it as an imitation of Larimar. Amazonite is one of those stones which is inexpensive and usually sold as the perfect imitation of the Larimar.

So, the next time if you buy the larimar gemstone or the wholesale larimar jewelry, check the authenticity of the stone and purchase it from the registered seller.

The Short History of Larimar

Larimar was first discovered in 1916 by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren of the Barahona Parish, but due to lack of resources, his request was denied by the officials of the Dominican Republic.

Later in 1974 is was rediscovered by Miguel Méndez and volunteer Norman Rilling on a beach of the bahoruko mountain ranges. After finding the stone, he gave it the name of her daughter Larissa and the sea.

This is how Larimar got its name and was being found.

Characteristics of Larimar

As you know, Larimar is known for its exceptional healing properties, listing some of the characteristics below.

  1. It helps to calm down the body and mind.
  2. It helps in inducing a meditative state in man.
  3. It dissolves the self-sabotaging behavior.
  4. Brings clarity of thoughts and feelings.
  5. Aids in releasing post-partum depression.
  6. It brings confidence and courage to speak your thoughts.
  7. It stimulates the third eye chakra and removes attached infinities.

So, in short, wearing the larimar jewelry will alleviate your pains and eliminate your fears and connect you with your higher self.

How Valuable is Larimar?

Larimar is a rare gemstone that is only present in a remote location on the earth. Because it’s rare, this gemstone is expensive but not as expensive as diamonds. You can find this semi-precious gemstone with the registered sellers.

But beware of the fake and cheap larimar imitation that is present online. Always ask for the origin the quality of the stones before making the purchase.

Larimar Jewelry

This rare blue beauty is delicate and soft. Making jewelry out of this supple gemstone is hard, but due to its global demand, very few jewelry manufacturers worldwide are creating enticing pieces of sterling silver larimar jewelry that look good and that make the style statement.

Larimar can be used in Beaded Necklace, pendants, Rings, Cuff Bracelets, and Stud Earrings. But it should be placed in such a setting by which it doesn’t get scratched or harmed.

Larimar is intricately handcrafted, mainly in the sterling silver setting, which makes it look alluring. It can be easily worn in any social gathering.

The Larimar beaded necklace is the most sold product around the world. Because it is rare, owning a larimar stone jewelry will surely make you stand out from the crowd, and you will definitely make your mark.

Larimar Durability and Care

As of now, we know that Larimar is a soft and brittle gemstone. So always remember,

  1. Larimar should not be exposed to chemicals, including perfumes, hand creams, and hand soaps. This beautiful gemstone jewelry should be the first thing that you remove in the evening.
  2. Clean the larimar jewelry after every use with few drops of mild soap and a soft, dry cloth. Avoid brushing it too hard.
  3. Sterling silver larimar jewelry is prone to tarnish, so keep the jewelry in a dry place.
  4. Avoid water-related activities like going into swimming pools. It compromises the stone quality and tarnishes the silver setting.
  5. Avoid wearing a larimar stone ring while washing dishes as it affects the bezel setting, which holds the sone at its place.

How to store after use?

How to store after use? How to store after use?

The larimar jewelry is pretty and delicate, so taking proper care will increase the life of the stone.

The one big mistake that larimar stone jewelry wearers around the globe does is they clean the gemstone but forget to store them. They leave it out in the open, leaving the larimar jewelry to tarnish, get scratched, and even fall apart.

So to avoid this, you can,

  1. Keep your charming Larimar beaded necklace in a separate box because, as pretty they are, they are very easily scratched. So to avoid all the rubbing, you can put a cloth in the box and place your necklace gently.
  2. To maintain the shine of your larimar ring, keep the ring in the airtight box.
  3. With the larimar Cuff Bracelet, avoid bending to open or reduce them. Keep the bracelets in an airtight box. This will help the jewelry to stay at a place and will avoid scratching.
  4. Keep your Larimar Stud Earring in a small box. Cause these pretty earrings can go missing.
  5. The exquisite larimar Pendant makes the neckline of the wearer more, Store them just like your Larimar beaded necklaces in an airtight container with a soft cloth. This way, your pendant will not tarnish, and it will remain shining and captivating.

Where to Buy Larimar Jewelry

If you are planning to purchase larimar jewelry and are searching in the local markets, then you will be pretty disappointed because these stones are extremely rare, and only a few jewelry manufactures are selling them online.

There are many jewelry sellers online who sell fake larimar jewelry. Look for the registered gemstone jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers who provide authentic larimar stone jewelry.

Rananjay exports are registered manufactures and wholesalers of authentic semi-precious gemstone jewelry, serving jewelry lovers since 2013. We provide a wide variety of larimar stone jewelry and other gemstones to jewelry resellers worldwide.

If you have any queries, do let us know. We will be more than happy to help!

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