Benefits of Nanosital Benefits of Nanosital

What are Nanosital Gemstones?

Nanosital or Sitall are synthetic gemstones, artificially grown or produced in the laboratory by synthesizing chemicals, minerals, and other synthetic materials, including silica, alumina, etc.

It is an optically transparent polycrystalline material formed by crystallizing glass with a chemical composition. Compared to the original glass, it has higher physical properties.

This technique is quite similar to hydrothermal, where a particular glass is mixed with a synthetic crystal to produce a hybrid of glass and ceramic material. It constitutes tiny, small-sized seed crystals in a glass matrix, known as "Nanosital Gemstones."

Compared to natural gemstones that have been formed over the years, these nanosital gems can be made available at any time, whenever needed, but when exactly these stones come into existence is still unknown. Nanosital gems have their own unique physical and optical characteristics, such as color consistency and density, a melting temperature over 1700 C°, and a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

How Did Nanosital Gemstones Come into Existence?

Nanosital Gemstone Nanosital Gemstones

As mentioned above, Nanosital gems are artificially created in the lab by infusing glass with synthetic minerals. These synthetic gems have been around for more than 50 years. Whether you wear a stylish Nanosital pendant, small Nanosital earrings, or a Nanosital bracelet, it is a mesmerizing stone that can surely get you compliments for its elegant luster and color. The hardness, color density, and refractive index of the stone are close to Tanzanite.

The stone's historical backdrop takes us back to the late 19th century, when synthetic gemstones were at their peak, and Russia was the prime producer. The nation is still a significant supplier of hydrothermally created stones such as synthetic beryl, corundum, and other gems such as diamonds and alexandrite. In the late 1930s, researchers succeeded in blending a commercially viable version of a deep green gemstone, Emeralds, which came on the market in the 1960s.

Physical Properties of Nanosital Stone

Physical Properties of Nanosital Stone Physical Properties of Nanosital Stone

Nanosital is a glass ceramic material synthesized at 1700 °C. It does not contain any harmful or health-hazardous components.

Below are the main properties of Nanosital gemstone:

    • Composition — Nanosital is a combination of nanocrystalline aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and silicon dioxide (SiO2). These oxides are among the vital components that contribute to the formation of natural gems. Other critical components are collected to maximize the desired optical features, density, and hardness.
    • Hardness – On the Mohs scale, Nanosital ranks the hardness of 7, making it a perfect choice for durable Nanosital jewelry. This supreme hardness makes it less prone to scratches and damage so that they are easy to cleanse.
    • Refractive Index and Gravity — The synthetic stone's refractive index is around 1.65-1.77, whereas its specific gravity is around 3.5-4. This high refractive index and gravity record is quite close to that of the most valuable gems in the world, such as Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, and Aquamarine. This high index reflects the stone's vibrant tones and vitreous luster.
    • Color – Synthetic Nanosital stones are available in various colors, with red and blue being the most adored—a reason why people have fallen for the luster and appearance of the Nanosital gemstone jewelry. The optical properties of Nanosital are very similar to the most famous colored gems.
    • Dispersion – The dispersion of Nanosital refers to its capacity to reflect the play of colors. The lab-created gem has a dispersion of 0.015.
    • Clarity and Density — Nanosital gemstones possess excellent clarity as they are free of considerations and blemishes. Furthermore, they have a density of around 3.95-4.00 g/cm³, which is quite close to Sapphire and Ruby.

Why Should Buy Nanosital Gemstones? A Look Into Its Amazing Benefits

Why Should Buy Nanosital Gemstones? Why Should Buy Nanosital Gemstones

We know that Nanosital stones are not real gems, but they aren't fake either. The artificially created and induced stones possess all the constituents of a real gemstone. When it comes to buying a Nanosital necklace or a Nanosital ring, they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Nanositals are created in a lab, expanding the level of customization for Jewelry enthusiasts and retailers. Also, since they are similar to other natural stones like Sapphire or Ruby, Nanositals are sometimes considered alternative birthstones for people born in months associated with them.

Furthermore, these synthetic Nanosital jewelry are crafted with ultimate precision and care. Their high fire and heat resistance capabilities allow them to be used for several jewelry techniques, such as wax casting.

In addition, affordability is the ultimate benefit of buying Nanosital casting jewelry. The prices of synthetic Nanosital gems are comparatively lower than those of natural gemstones. So, you can save your pennies by choosing exquisite pieces of Nanosital rings or Nanosital silver sterling jewelry.

Moreover, synthetic gemstones provide better value in terms of environmental sustainability. Unlike the mining of precious gemstones, synthetic gemstones ensure ethical sourcing.

Nanosital gemstones are pretty durable, with a high ranking on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes them less prone to breakages, scratches, or other damages while wearing or cleaning. Natural gemstones are also required to be mined from the earth and take several years to form. But this is obviously not the case with Nanosital gems. They can be created and made available at any time when needed.

Russia is the prime supplier of Nanosital gemstones, which manufacture Nanosital at a mass level. Other popular sources of Nanosital stones include Thailand, China, and the Southern states of India. With synthetic Nanosital gems, you can be ensured of buying a quality gemstone jewelry that have high purity ratings.

Facts About Nanosital Gems:

Facts About Nanosital Gems Facts About Nanosital Gems

    • The process of creating Nanosital gems is free of impurities in the lab and more effective.
    • Almost all the natural gemstones that have astrological significance and healing benefits but these Nanosital gems have chemical composition, and optical qualities. The matching brilliance and gleaming shine make their look indistinguishable from natural stones.
    • Nanositals are much more accessible, leading an abundant supply of these gems worldwide.

Final Takeaway

Nanosital gemstones are gaining popularity in the gemstone world due to their affordability, durability, vitreous luster, and variety of colors and shapes. They are made using cutting-edge technology, with flawless clarity and stunning hues, making them an excellent choice for high-quality and unique Nanosital jewelry.

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