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The month of May starts, and we all are going crazy about the May birthstone. The question here is, what is the birthstone for May? Your primary birthstone is none other than one of the four precious gemstones to all those born in May. It's emerald. The beautiful and royal green gemstone is what is assigned as the birthstone of May.

In this blog, we'll know everything that you need to know about the emerald, the birthstone for May , and its importance in the lives of all the May borns. We'll cover topics related to the emerald meaning, the crystal healing properties and benefits, and metaphysical and physical properties of the emerald. Then we'll see how the energies and vibrations resonate with those of people born in May. And in the end, we'll also see some emerald necklace and beaded jewelry styles.

So let's get started.

Emerald meaning Emerald meaning

Emerald Meaning

After knowing what the birthstone of May is, let's understand emerald, the May birthstone meaning. Emerald is a gorgeous green stone that is a chromium-rich variety of beryl minerals. The royal green color and other factors like cut and finish make the gemstone valuable for jewelry wearers. Then other technical aspects keep emerald on the top position of the gemstone collectors' list.

This gemstone got its popularity right after it was first discovered in the mines of Egypt. In fact, the gem has always been so valuable that it has been exchanged for precious metals. It was so loved that its color and cut became the eponym for the shade of green and the type of cut. Now the terms' emerald green' and 'emerald cut' are widely used. And with time, Emerald, May birthstone beaded necklace jewelry has also gained popularity.

Emerald crystal healing properties and benefits Emerald crystal healing properties and benefits

Emerald Crystal Healing Properties and Benefits

Emerald, the birthstone for May, is a gorgeous gemstone and one of the most preferred gems to create jewelry. It is also a gem that has various healing benefits for the wearer. Wearing emerald jewelry is recommended to heal different physical diseases and abnormalities over time.

Although the practice of gemstone or crystal healing has not yet been scientifically proven, it sure works as the catalyst in the healing process. In some cases, it also prevents certain diseases from getting into your system if you wear emerald for more extended periods. Now that you know what is the birthstone of May let's see the emerald crystal healing properties and benefits if it is kept close. The most prominent ones are mentioned here.

  1. Promotes peace of mind, thus improving one's memory
  2. Heals heart-related problems
  3. Better recovery from infectious diseases
  4. Works as a catalyst in the treatment of lung diseases
  5. Cures sore muscles and chronic pain
  6. Helps in liver detoxification
  7. Strengthen nervous system
  8. Makes the immune system strong

These are the physical benefits that you can gain by wearing emerald, the birthstone for May. But it is not limited to this. This gemstone has other advantages also. And here I'm not talking about the glam the necklace with May birthstone adds to your appearance. Let's see what the different ways in which this gemstone can benefit the wearer are.

Metaphysical Properties of Emerald Metaphysical properties of emerald

Metaphysical Properties of Emerald

Metaphysical properties of emerald include all those beneficial factors of emerald that are magical and divine. These benefits are mostly a matter of belief in one's life and constitute a fair proportion in emerald meaning. The ancient people had many thoughts associated with this beautiful gemstone considered to be its magical powers. These benefits were associated with the energies and vibrations that resonate with that of the wearers'. These benefits prevailed even before they knew emerald is the birthstone for which month.

This is why it is said that it becomes very effective when a necklace with May birthstone is kept near the heart while practicing yoga or involving in other divine activities. Let's see what the metaphysical properties or benefits of emeralds are.

  1. Protects travelers from evil spirits and dangers
  2. Keep the new love intact and revive the long lost love
  3. Helps the wearer to express emotions in a better and clear manner
  4. Improves the intuitive powers
  5. It is a symbol of hope
  6. Encourages feelings of joy and happiness in one's life
  7. Enhances communication skills with truth
  8. Heals negative emotions

Physical properties of emerald Physical properties of emerald

Physical Properties of Emerald

Now when you know what the birthstone of May and the Emerald crystal healing properties and benefits are, you need to understand its geophysical properties. How this gemstone gets the gorgeous green color that makes it desirable. What is the texture of emerald, the mineral family it belongs to, and many more!

Let's see the most critical aspects of the physical properties of emerald that make emerald, emerald. And that necklace with May birthstone your favorite.

  1. Chromium and vanadium are responsible for the green color of emerald
  2. It ranks between 7 – 8 on the Mohs hardness scale
  3. It is the beautiful green variety of beryl mineral family
  4. An emerald is never flawless. It always comes with inclusions (if there aren't any, then it is too pure to be an emerald)

Where is emerald found Where is emerald found

Where is Emerald Found?

Emerald, The birthstone for May, is found at multiple locations all around the world. The best quality is sourced from South America and Colombia. Other sites include Mexico, Peru, India, Zimbabwe, Australia, Germany, France, the United States of America.

Emerald is the birthstone for which month and zodiac Emerald is the birthstone for which month and zodiac

Emerald is The Birthstone for which Month and Zodiac.

Emerald has many benefits that the person wears it can gain advantage from. But the vibrations and energies of emerald resonate the most with that of a specific group of people. These are the people born in May or have the zodiacs Taurus, Gemini, Aries. This never means that this gem is only beneficial for them, but yes, it is a little biased for them.

Emerald is the birthstone for May. They are famous because of their dazzling green color, which perfectly matches the May season when spring is in its complete form.

The name Emerald has got coined from the Greek word “Smaragdus”, which means green stone. So Emerald gemstone denotes abundance and love. People first mined it in Egypt, where it represented fertility and rebirth and was used for treating eyes. 

Tempting Emerald connects with Venus, the deity of love and beauty. The Zodiac signs for May month are Taurus and Gemini. When the position of Mercury is correct in your horoscope, it will welcome positivity, good luck, and lots of ecstasy in life.  

Appealing green gem gets applauded for its intriguing aura and distinctive aesthetic value. However, the old age saints and scholars assumed that the May birthstone Emerald has many unique benefits and described the same. 

Wearing Emerald birthstone ornaments can benefit you in many ways. According to the astrological myths, the Emerald gemstone positively affects creativity and imagination. It also encourages financial growth. In addition, a wearer of the Emerald gem can enhance their intelligence and intellect. It will also improve your oratory skills to a great extent with improved physical health.

Emerald, the May birthstone jewelry Emerald, the May birthstone jewelry

Emerald, the May Birthstone Jewelry

After knowing so much about this gorgeous gemstone, you must have made up your mind to get at least one Emerald, May birthstone beaded necklace jewelry. This natural inclination towards emerald, the birthstone for May, is apparent. The question here is in which form! The answer is emerald jewelry . The most stylish and convenient way to keep the emerald always near is by wearing emerald jewelry.

You can wear it with casual dresses or party wear silhouettes. This is the gemstone that blends in with your existing appearance while making you stand out from the crowd at the same time.

I am sure there is no ambiguity regarding what is the birthstone of May. This is all that you need to know about emerald, the birthstone for May. All the May babies, get your emerald jewelry. Now since you know the birthstone of May meaning and where is emerald found, you can get the best quality.

Even if you are not a believer, you can still have this gemstone because of its undeniable aesthetic appeal.

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