With a prevalent formation and effortlessly creating its place on the earth's surface, agate is the wonder gem formed within the volcanic and metamorphic rocks. This crystal carries the wild swirling patterns with styles depicting the glory hidden inside the gem. agate are a variety of chalcedony and quartz, which come in varied hues and are used in making eye-catching agate jewelry pieces.

In this article we will take a deeper look at the essential things you should know before buying the stone.

Discovery of The Wonder Stone: Agate

It had a very unusual discovery: the stone was first discovered along the shoreline of the dirillo river (earlier the Achates River) in Sicily by a greek philosopher Theophrastus when he was taking a walk on the beach. He saw a varied patterned beauty lying guilelessly and got curious and started studying the stone. after thorough research named it agate and made it available to the world.

Unriddling Agate

The beautiful creation of nature, agate is the banded chalcedony of the quartz family forming the swirls and the eye-catching patterns giving a touch of personality to the ordinary stone. These earthy gem depicts varied hues like Blue, black, purple, white, grey, red, green to colorless and ranges 7 to 7.5 on moh's hardness scale.

Fact check: the first-ever ornamental use of agate dates back to ancient Greece, where it has been used in assorted jewelry and seal stones of the greek warriors.

The Variety Agate:- 

when it comes to agate, no one can count their variety; these earth crystals can reach up to 1000 if trying to decode. They have a broad reach and are found on every corner of the earth.

Let's have a look at some preeminent agate variety and most loved agate used in the jewelry.

Blue Lace Agate

The stone with the calming and serene aura, Blue Lace Agate depicts the tranquil water in the winter's holds. It's intricate, wild, yet graceful patterns offer a stimulating effects on the emotion and the attitude of the wearer. The circular design of the gem calms, uplifts the entire being and provides utmost healing. They are generally found in Africa and make beautiful pieces of agate jewelry such as agate necklaces which look brilliant when worn on the plunged neck tops and dresses.

Crazy Lace Agate

The gem, often called laughter stone, represents the sunny fiestas of the Mexican folks. These stones come in varied, complex patterns demonstrating the unusual distribution of the crazy lines and the scattered drops, making them part of a rich gem circle.These gems are mainly found in Mexico and provide joy to the wearer.

Wearing crazy lace agate bracelets will endow style revamp, offering a graceful look to flaunt. In addition, this gem will shape your thoughts, creating a circular energy field clearing your mind to attain mindfulness.

Dendritic Agate

the stone of plentitude Dendritic Agate, brings fullness and abundance to the different areas of one's life, from the personal to professional to business It fills up the treasures and showers with the blessings of heaven. It is associated with the greek dryads and tree spirits and were belived was buried in the fields at the time of sowing to have a good harvest.

These gems are often found in the white-gray or colorless form and make beautiful agate rings that look stunning on the wearer. The Russian dendritic agate is similar, with more reds giving an unworldly look to the regular agate.

Botswana Agate

A variation of banded chalcedony, this stone of change comes in hues of pink and grey with apricot and earthly shades and is the myriad of great healers of mental well-being and emotional health.

These stones protect physical energies and harmonize the yin and yang and are found in a landlocked country of southern Africa. When worn on with halter necks or deep necks, the Botswana Agate pendants present high to the neckline.

Montana Agate

Montana Agate is a beautiful chalcedony found on the alluvial gravels of the Yellowstone River. Its striking tones are the carrier of manganese and the iron content and make some eye-catching jewelry pieces.

They fortify the whole body and strengthens the healing. It promotes maturity and inner stability giving the lush outer look through a gemstone.

Healing with The Gemstone

Agate is a rich gemstone providing superior healing to the mind, body, and soul. it offers firm traits such as grounding tendencies, stabilizing effects, and further opening up the mind to accept the universe's blessing.

Agate for Physical Healing

  • For the Heart: keeping the stone near the Heart can relieve the cardiac muscles, easing the chances of a heart attack.
  • For the Head: keeping the stone on the forehead or upper Head can help cure headaches and release stress.
  • For Brain: it alleviates focus, concentration, and perception and gives a sense of clarity
  • For Stomach: they soothe abdominal pain, boosts metabolism, and relives frequent stomach aches providing relief to underlying diseases.

Agate for Emotional Healing

  • They are an excellent fit for uplifting the body and mind, curing emotional tragedies.
  • They give self-expression and the voice to the person who is too scared to open further, giving them the confidence to speak their Heart out.
  • It helps deal with personal issues, solving the inner conflict bringing peace and harmony to the overall being.
  • The earthy nature of agate provides grounding energies, mindfulness, and opening up to the current realities making the person enjoy the present moment rather than holding on to the past.

Agate for Chakra

The balancing wheel of the body, chakra, is an essential tool to keep the body in perfect harmony.

  • It opens up the Heart, draws the negative energies, and brings the positive vibration to the body.
  • It grounds the person to accept change.
  • It opens the throat chakra, giving voice to the voiceless and making them more open to speaking for themselves.
  • They are great third eye chakra stones that provide the balancing energies giving clarity.

Agate for Love

  • Agate provides the wearer with the courage to trust and let go of the past hurt.
  • It provides balance and stability to the people facing problems in the relationship.
  • It removes the causes of disharmony and brings loving energies to the couples.
  • Final Thoughts

    Agate is an investment for the soul. These stones keep you grounded and balanced by giving you a better insight into life. They are the powerhouse of energies and the helper in times of need.

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