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Looking at moldavite, you will find it to be a rare green silica glass whose story of formation involves space and the earth. Also, among many crystal healers and spiritual practitioners, moldavite has a reputation for being a great healing crystal. But, can moldavite be considered a gemstone? Because this stone makes up for a beautiful accessory, it is generally worn as moldavite rings, moldavite pendantsmoldavite earrings, moldavite bracelets, and moldavite necklaces.

Yes, moldavite is a gemstone. Although gemstones are generally believed to be certain kinds of crystals, moldavite is not a crystal. Still, it's used similarly to other gemstones. Also, moldavite is one of the rarest gemstones found on Earth. In this blog, we will discuss the different things you need to know about moldavite, like its physical properties, healing properties, etc. We will also discuss basic know-how of moldavite rings, like cleansing instructions and cleaning instructions of moldavite rings, but first, let us get to know what moldavite basically is.

What Moldavite Basically Is

What Moldavite Basically Is What is Moldavite

The moldavite gemstone is generally found in shades of forest green, olive green, brownish-green, and yellow-green. It is composed of silica and oxides of various metals, such as aluminum oxide. Although this stone is considered to be rare, it is one of the most common gemstone-grade tektite minerals. What is tektite? Well, the tektite family is a small group of natural glasses that are formed from materials that are shot outwards after a meteorite impact.

Within the different colors in which moldavite is found, the brownish-green variety is seen as unsuitable for gems. On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, moldavite clocks between five and seven, and through this, you can conclude that it has an average ranking when it comes to durability. If you get a chance to see raw moldavite, you will observe distinctive pits and wrinkles on its surface, similar to a meteorite. Even though moldavite is not considered a precious stone, it is still considered one of the semi-precious stones, and its rarity makes it highly desired by jewelry enthusiasts and crystal lovers.

You can imagine the rarity of moldavite by the fact that on one hand, the annual production of diamonds is around 30 tons, while on the other, there are only about 300 tons of moldavite present on Earth in total! With this fact, we can conclude that moldavite is even rarer than diamonds.

This stone has another name, other than “moldavite”. It is also known as the “Bouteille Stone.” Why? Well, Bouteille is the French word for “bottle”, and this other name indicates the bottle-green coloring of the stone. Last but not least, although moldavite is not a birthstone, it is considered a zodiac stone for Sagittarius.

How to Identify Fake vs. Real Moldavite While Purchasing Moldavite Rings

How to Identify Fake vs. Real Moldavite While Purchasing Moldavite Rings How to Identify Fake vs. Real Moldavite While Purchasing Moldavite Rings

While purchasing moldavite jewelry, such as moldavite rings, the biggest question that crops up in the buyer's mind is how to discern fake moldavite from real moldavite. Over the past decade, this stone has gained massive popularity, and people are purchasing moldavite rings more often than ever to gain the healing benefits of this stone. This is why the jewelry market is flooded with fake moldavite and knockoffs. Below are a couple of ways to identify the real moldavite set in your moldavite ring.

One of the ways to visually identify genuine moldavite is through its inclusions and wavy, steam-like surface. The presence of gas bubbles and lechatelierite is one of the best indicators of genuine moldavite.

Another way to examine your moldavite specimen is to check the stone for inclusions through X-ray fluorescence. It’s a much safer bet with the only drawback being that you need proper gemological equipment.

Remember, fake moldavite that is used in moldavite rings is man-made green glass. These imitations are more or less transparent as well as free of any inclusions – in essence, they are too perfect to be moldavite. Last but not least, in case you see “African Moldavite”, know that it's not moldavite – most probably, it's Ivory Coast tektite or Libyan desert glass.

Healing Properties of Moldavite

Healing Properties of Moldavite Healing Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite is a highly sought-after gemstone not only for its healing properties but for its high vibrational energy as well as transformative power. Similar to other healing crystals that possess green colors, like peridot, malachite, emerald, and green onyx, moldavite can bring new beginnings, growth, and rejuvenation.

When it comes to physical healing, wearing moldavite jewelry can feel highly rejuvenating and it can reduce the effects of aging on our skin. Other physical healing properties of moldavite include eliminating the cause of chronic pain, preventing cell damage, and strengthening eyesight.

Talking about emotional healing, moldavite reduces anxiety, brings peace, and facilitates emotional catharsis. In essence, it helps you to release all pent-up emotions that you stuff down inside you when you face various troubles in life. Also, since moldavite is the “Stone of Connectivity”, it encourages healthy communication, while also improving relationships.

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of Your Moldavite Ring

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of Your Moldavite Ring Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of Your Moldavite Ring

Since the wearability of a moldavite set in a moldavite ring is poor, we recommend that you purchase a moldavite ring with a protective setting, like a bezel setting or channel setting. The bezel setting works best in the case of rings because it covers the moldavite stone from all sides and prevents hard blows. You can even consider buying moldavite necklaces or moldavite earrings if you want to play it safe and skip moldavite rings altogether.

Moldavite is waterproof, and it can get wet, which is why the best way to clean your moldavite ring is by using a soft brush, mild soap, and lukewarm water. Carefully clean your ring with the brush by taking mild soap and lukewarm water, and then post-cleaning, dry it with a microfiber cloth. Make sure not to use ultrasonic or steam cleaners, harsh chemicals, or heat to clean the ring – all these can cause permanent damage to the ring.

Last but not least, when storing your moldavite ring in a jewelry box, wrap it in a soft cloth and keep it separate from other gemstone jewelry. The jewelry box must be opaque, away from sunlight, and dry.

Charging & Cleansing Your Moldavite Ring

Moldavite Ring Charging & Cleansing Your Moldavite Ring

One of the main problems with wearing a moldavite ring is that it can soak up heavy energies very fast, which is why it is important to cleanse it every now and then. The first way to cleanse your crystal is through water. Soak your moldavite jewelry in freshwater. Running water can also be great, provided you visualize dark energy being flushed away from your crystal as you allow the water to pass through jewelry. Through this method, the crystal will get cleansed and in tune with its natural energy.

Another great way to cleanse moldavite is using smoke. You can burn sage or Palo Santo and spread the smoke near the jewelry. Before you light up your Palo Santo or sage, remember to visualize the burning and removal of anything negative attached to the crystal, and after you are done, feel the new energy your crystal has.

In order to charge your moldavite jewelry, keep it under the moonlight during a full moon day while setting your intentions. The lunar powers of the moon will charge your moldavite stone set in your jewelry, and it will deeply energize your moldavite stone.


We hope that by now, you have learned a lot about moldavite and its jewelry, such as rings, earrings, and pendants. So, should you go out and buy this stone? Well, considering this stone’s unique origins, its beautiful appearance, and its great healing properties, it is a must-have stone that definitely needs to be a part of your collection.

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