What Is The Difference Between Rough Stone and Tumbled Crystals What Is The Difference Between Rough Stone and Tumbled Crystals


We bet that at some point in your life, you might have needed a dose of healing energies, which is why you would have turned to crystals for help. Many psychics claim that crystals have angelic connections, and they can provide expert guidance to the user by bringing rapid transformation in his energy field. The healing properties of a crystal can enable an individual to break out of life’s monotony and get in touch with the divine flow of life. If you have ever ventured into the vast world of crystals, you must have found that there are various types of crystals, each having a different property as well as a different purpose. Through the help of this blog, we will cover the two categories of crystals – rough crystals and tumbled crystals. So without further ado, let's get to know the basic difference in shape between rough stones and tumble stones.

Differentiating Between Rough Crystal and Tumbled Crystal On The Basis of Shape

Differentiating Between Rough Crystal and Tumbled Crystal on the basis of Shape Differentiating Between Rough Crystal and Tumbled Crystal on the basis of Shape

Next time you go out looking for a crystal at a Crystal Shop, try to observe its design, specifically the cut and shape of the stone. Notice if the stone is perfectly smooth and molded into a specific design, or is it rough, shapeless, and raw? This is how you can identify tumbled stones and differentiate them from raw crystals. The next question that might have aroused in your mind would be, are rough stones better or tumbled crystals better? We will discuss everything you need to know about rough crystals vs tumbled crystals, but first, let us get to know rough crystals first.

What Are Rough Stones?

What are Rough Stones What are Rough Stones

Rough stones are stones or crystals that are raw, rough, and straight from the depths of the Earth. Basically, if someone says that a crystal is rough, he means that the stone has not been altered or polished in any shape or form.

Many times, you will find that the shape of rough crystals is irregular, and even one-of-a-kind, turning them a little bit dull when it comes to their brightness and sparkle.

The reason why you might consider buying rough crystals is that the least number of hands reach these crystals in their journey from the depths of mother nature to you, which is why they have more potential when it comes to healing. As a side note, if you are someone who is considering working with crystals, remember that the user’s karma, his energies, and his horoscope also come into play.

Generally, these crystals either come in the form of crystallized clusters or individually. Their sizes can vary a lot from specimen to specimen, ranging from small gravel-like pieces to considerably large natural formations. Some of the natural formations and shapes in which raw crystals are found are druzy, cubic, spherical, seer, phantom, Elestial, rosette, geode, botryoidal, chips, nodule, floaters, cluster, twin, stair-stepped, orbicular, and cathedral.

What Are Tumbled Stones?

What are Tumbled Stones What are Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones go through a special process in which they are smoothened out. In this process, the stones are processed using rock tumblers where water, grit, and polish are used. This entire process can span days to months. The process of tumbling enhances a stone’s color, natural traits, and layers.

And tumbled stones, most of the time, are not hand-cut. All crystals that rank 7 or more on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness are usually tumbled. The ones that rank below 7 are not processed with rock tumblers because they tend to quickly break or wear down.

The tumbled stones are generally found in shapes such as flat, round, angular, oval, faceted, or pyramidal. The thing that makes the greatest impact on tumbled stones is the polish and grit used in the tumbler, turning the stones better in appearance and increasing their value. The process of tumbling is also good when it comes to removing scratches, flaws, and sharp edges.

One important thing about tumbled crystals is, that not all crystals can be tumbled. Depending on the Mohs hardness, you will find various crystals that are too soft to be tumbled, and in case they are made to go through the tumbling process, they will crumble. Although rotatory or vibratory tumblers can be used to process some of the softer crystals, yet, the fact is, that not all crystals can be tumbled.

Properties and Characteristics of Rough Crystals

Properties and Characteristics of Rough Crystals Properties and Characteristics of Rough Crystals

Generally, rough crystals tend to appear less beautiful when compared to their tumbled, smooth counterparts. However, they are special in a unique way: since they are in their organic state, they are more powerful when it comes to their healing properties and metaphysical benefits.

As we mentioned above, rough stones, when compared to tumbled stones, pass through fewer hands and are present in their natural form, due to which they have less energetic influences on their trip to discovering you. However, in some cases, the raw stones go through a physical cleaning process. This may cause alterations in some of the metaphysical properties and healing abilities of some of the stones.

With that being said, the extent to which the rough crystals change is dependent on the gemstone’s origins and its mineral composition. In most cases, rough crystals are untreated and untouched, which is why people who buy them for their spiritual uses, such as tarot card readers, psychics, mediums, and other spiritual crowds claim that they possess purer energy.

Properties and Characteristics of Tumbled Crystals

Properties and Characteristics of Tumbled Crystals Properties and Characteristics of Tumbled Crystals

Now, you must be thinking, that if rough crystals have their own unique edge over their tumbled counterparts, then what for are tumbled crystals good? Well, in simple words, they are good when you want to pamper the crystals in your hand, especially when you meditate with them. You will find the tumbled crystals to be more comfortable as you coddle with them and meditate because of their silky smooth texture and symmetrical shape.

These features also make them perfect when you want to use them for jewelry or decorative purposes. While people may claim that rough crystals have purer energy, it has been found in countless cases that the tumbling process does not result in a loss of the energetic healing power of tumbled crystals. So, rest assured, no matter how your tumbled crystals were processed, they are and will remain effective healers and protectors.

How to Cleanse Your Favorite Crystals

How to Cleanse Your Favorite Crystals How to Cleanse Your Favorite Crystals

Here are a few ways through which you can cleanse your favorite crystals, doesn’t matter whether they are raw or tumbled.

    • Leave them under moonlight or sunlight: You can lay your crystals outside on a full moon day for the whole night, or you can leave your crystals for a few hours in the sunlight during the day. This will allow your crystals to absorb the healing energies of the sun and the moon and help them to cleanse. Although there are no risks involved with moonlight, be cautious of leaving your crystals in sunlight during the afternoon – some crystals do get damaged by the excess heat of the afternoon sun.
    • Cleanse your crystals under cold water: Nothing works better than bathing your crystals under cold water if you want to cleanse the crystal of the bad vibes it has absorbed. It's best to use water from freshwater streams, such as a river or a lake. But, if you can’t find one, don’t worry, even tap water would do the job.
    • Smudge the crystals with Sage or Palo Santo: You can also smudge your crystal in healing smoke and use sage or Palo Santo. These are nothing but sacred smoke that, when run through your crystal, purify and cleanse them of previously absorbed energies.


It does not matter whether you opt for a rough crystal or a tumbled crystal, it's going to invite divine energy into your life and amp up your protection. So, allow the crystals to do what they are perfect at – fill you up with their healing energies and act as a game changer in your life.

If you are still in doubt about whether to buy a rough crystal or a tumbled crystal, then, the truth of the matter is, that both do their jobs perfectly – it all depends upon how you use these crystals, what suits you more, and what your needs are.

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