Turquoise is considered as one of the highly precious stones on earth. This gemstone is the only special creation that has got a color named after it. Though, it cannot be compared to a diamond or the rest of the stones, based on its own unique hues and magical effects. It has gained prominence over the last many years in the gemstones market and has become the perfect option for jewelry lovers.

As a Wholesale Gemstone Manufacturer and supplier based in India, we are successfully serving the quest of our ever-growing clients. And in this guide, we'll take you through the ways to identify natural turquoise jewelry.

Introduction to Turquoise 

Turquoise is a gorgeous opaque mineral with a greenish-blue hue. It is said to derive its name from the french word for turkey because history reveals the travel of this stone from Europe to turkey. The turquoise stones were dug out from the mines of Asia, thus transferred to turkey. Hence also known as "Turkish stone" based on its deep connection with this place. Turquoise takes millions of years in its formation, which is created when water flows slowly through rocks that include the minerals like copper and aluminum. This process leads to a chemical reaction which later becomes the reason for its development. The highest abundance of turquoise can be found in Iran, Egypt, chile, china, Mexico, and the united states. 

Why is Turquoise special?

Turquoise has several varieties which are mainly known by their location. All of such varieties hold distinctiveness. For instance, the Persian turquoise does not have porosity but has a clear finish, whereas the Mexican and American have much higher porosity and pale greenish-blue hue. The most common variety of this gemstone is the turquoise matrix, which has the inclusion of veins and looks beautiful. 

The value, saturation, and hue are some of the primary factors responsible for genuine turquoise jewelry, so keep a proper check on them when you're planning to buy this creation. Although the color of this stone is much evident from its name, but it also includes other shades of green and blue from the lighter to darker tones. The captivating sky blue, light green, leafy green, dark blue, sea green, and blue-green. Depending on the aspect of value, the mid-range blue color which is known as the Persian blue is considered as one of the most valuable stones from the turquoise range. 

Get the classy look with Turquoise

Turquoise is a perfect stone for a completely classy look. The cool shades of green and blue goes perfectly well with any formal or party look. Choosing the best jewelry plays a vital role in complementing the overall personality. Pair your turquoise pendant with warm color and sense the touch of contrasting affairs. The minimalist approach of turquoise gives the jewelry a versatile choice for everyday life. Wear any turquoise ring to add charm and newness along with a turquoise bracelet to stand out from the crowd. 

Is turquoise Imitation a danger to its originality? 

Due to its increasing demand and technology, the introduction of many chemical formulas has taken place. And this is the major reason behind the boom of its imitation, which implies that the market is filled with synthetic turquoise, which is luring the buyers due to its cheap price and same design. There are ample minerals that look exactly like turquoise, for instance, variscite is often compared with turquoise. The most common imitation is the howlite. It is a grayish-white mineral that looks pretty much similar to the original turquoise and often it becomes difficult to analyze the real one. As a matter of fact, the natural turquoise includes magical properties which are impossible to find in the imitated ones. So, be aware of its clarity, cut, color and price, whenever you plan to buy it next time! 

Emotional Healing

It provides peace and a vision to find your own ways. This stone gives positivity to see right within yourself by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. Also, it plays a major role in balancing the positives and negatives of life. It mainly denotes trust, understanding, and kindness which is very imperative to grow in life. It promotes openness and honest communication in relationships which further leads to strong bonds. This gemstone is also responsible for wise decisions and has a great calming influence on the wearer. They inculcate clear thoughts and actions by making you more emotionally strong. Turquoise promotes the attribute of self-realization and encourages the aspect of creative problem solving amongst women. Wear this beautiful gemstone in the form of a turquoise stud or turquoise necklace to maximize the healing effects. 

Spiritual connection

It settles a connection with spirituality that helps one focus on giving donations and charity which ultimately adds up to good karma. It works best for travelers, by giving them full protection from mishaps and accidents, ensures their safety and security throughout. Also, we have heard much about the benefits of meditation which is effective when done with a pure soul and clear mind but if you face problems while meditating, then wear the sterling silver turquoise jewelry to gain the lost touch back from earth.

Enhance your mindfulness and experience the power of healing in lovely turquoise jewelry. This gemstone is great in stimulating the concept of love and romance. Love is not just a word, it is a feeling that gives meaning to life, it's an emotion that gives birth to respect and trust. And it's rightly said that "treat others the way you want to be treated", and the strong spiritual energy of turquoise helps you gain a deep understanding of this notion.

Physical healing

It is also called a throat chakra, thus works best on healing problems related to that area. If you're suffering from health issues like heavy breathing, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, regular tonsils, and allergies, then turquoise is the best gift to heal all such ailments. The vibrations and soothing energies of this stone have a deep connection with breath and lungs. It strengthens the immune system by cleansing out all toxins from the body effectively. 

It refreshes your soul and relaxes the mind which stimulates the hormones like serotonin to make you optimistic and happy throughout the whole day! Turquoise is an effective stone in healing depression and panic attacks. It is a much-recommended stone for curing stomach-related diseases. A powerful gemstone for the problems related to ears, neck, and eyes. Also, it can be worn by women suffering from periods related problems, it alleviates cramps effectively. Balance out all your acidic problems with the help of turquoise. 

Caring is a must for Turquoise

If you want to get the best results from this gemstone, then you need to follow some caring tips to ensure its longevity. The turquoise is appreciated for its beauty and healing properties, thus preserving the charm adds more value to this gemstone. Simply clean this stone in warm water with a soft brush. Make sure you're not cleaning it with any harsh chemicals, because it may damage the gem completely. Turquoise is porous, which means it soaks up the water quickly and moisture can hamper its quality, so dry it with any cloth calmly to ensure its beauty for a longer period. Keep this safely in any fabric-lined jewelry box if you're not wearing it. Also avoid rubbing it on any hard surface, because that will ultimately cause scratches. Follow these tips to ensure its quality and give your jewelry a luster like never before! 

The turquoise is appreciated for its commendable characteristics and appearance. It is becoming one of the trendiest gemstones for jewelry lovers. In this guide, we have pondered on its development, color, clarity, and cut along with healing properties which have been a top-notch way to judge its originality. Due to its high demand, the counterfeiters are imitating its design and everything to a great extent, so a quick tip for awareness is a much valuable aspect.

Also, we have gathered some caring tips for this gemstone, which is necessary to maintain its quality. And we, at Rananjay Exports, understand your love for natural turquoise and believe in giving you the best wholesale turquoise jewelry. We hope our alluring craft and information reach out to you in the most convenient way! 

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