Amethyst, the birthstone of February month, is loved by jewelry lovers worldwide. Despite there being many beautiful gems out there, I wonder what apparently can be the reason for this gem's popularity, not only amongst the jewelry wearers but also amongst those who sell it or are amethyst gemstone jewelry manufacturer . Working with this gemstone gives a different kind of pleasure and satisfaction.

Although nobody could find out the exact reason, whatever that I could identify are shared here. These are primarily based on my own research & survey and secondary data obtained from the internet and talking to the gemologists and experts.

So what, according to you, can be the ethically sourced gemstones for wholesale jewelry manufacturing business!

I'll discuss the metaphysical, spiritual, physical, and geophysical properties of February gemstone jewelry. And then I'll tell you about its locations and appearance and the possible treatments it receives. Lastly, we'll see how the concept of birthstone jewelry is coming up.

Let's get started!

Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst

Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst, The Birthstone of February Month

Amethyst is a gorgeous gem that has many benefits. These benefits are sometimes referred to as the Amethyst birthstone meaning. In this article, we're starting with the metaphysical properties or uses of February birthstone jewelry.

Usually, ethically sourced gemstones are perceived by many as the gemstone that, when mined, doesn't damage the environment while neglecting the other essential aspects. People mostly miss out on the social impact and damage that gemstone sourcing does.

Metaphysical properties refer to the ones that are related to metaphysics. This means those properties that are associated with the nature of existence, truth, and knowledge. How Amethyst birthstone jewelry improves the wearer's presence in the universe is something to be curious about!

So let's know!

We know the importance and significance of various chakras of our body and the role they play in letting us live a balanced and healthy life. Amethyst is responsible for awakening the third eye chakra and crown chakra within the wearer with its vibrations.

This gemstone gives the wearer a better and clearer vision of life from a higher perspective. Apart from that, by wearing amethyst jewelry in the Amethyst birthstone month, the wearer is entitled to a higher mental power and wisdom.

If at all you are surrounded by the negative energies in any form, and you are also wearing an Amethyst birthstone necklace, Amethyst Ring or any jewelry, then the adverse effects will be nullified. This gemstone absorbs negativity while making you radiate with all the positivity.

If you feel that your wisdom is lagging behind despite all the experience you carry, having Amethyst, the birthstone of February month in your possession, will improve the situation. Here, don't confuse it with physical strength. It's not like a sleek person will become a purple hulk (you see what I did here!), but the mental powers will be honed.

Amethyst gemstone reduces geopathic stress from one's life. Geopathic is a term used for the phenomenon that shows the impact of Earth's energies on an individual. Amethyst is responsible for gathering all the positive energies from the Earth and then inducing them into the wearer's life for her betterment.

These are the metaphysical properties or benefits of Amethyst that are almost universal. This being the gem for February birthstone jewelry, it impacts the February born babies the best.

I believe these are the reasons enough for the believers to love amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst Birthstone's Spiritual Meaning Amethyst Birthstone's Spiritual Meaning

Amethyst Birthstone's Spiritual Meaning

If you are atheist or agnostic, then this section is not for you. This is because all the work here results from individual experiences and information provided by the internet from across the world. Although there is no hard scientific proof yet, it's mostly subjective and an absolute trust game.

Now for those who believe in spirituality to any extent, here is a fantastic piece of information. Before absorbing it, I'd suggest you lower your guards and read wholeheartedly.

Amethyst birthstone meaning is not limited to what is mentioned above. Still, it is a divine gemstone that holds the powers to sharpen the wearer's spiritual visions, making them more precise. Amethyst has always been associated with the gods in some way and, hence, mostly been given a godly gem's designation. It works wonders for honing the spiritual insights and the wearer's celestial wisdom, especially for those born in February, for it being the February gemstone jewelry is a little biased.

If you are wearing this gem for quite some time now and meditating with it to improve the connections between your present realm and the higher ones, you are most likely to achieve success (if you are putting sincere efforts).

The stone's energies and vibrations resonate with that of your own and guard you against the psychic attacks by anyone with malign intentions against you. With Amethyst birthstone jewelry by your side, the journey, as well as the destiny of spiritual enlightenment, seems relatively comfortable with better spiritual wisdom.

Wholesale Amethyst Rings Wholesale Amethyst Rings

Physical Properties of Amethyst, The February Gemstone Jewelry

Talking about the spiritual and metaphysical benefits of Amethyst must have tickled your senses, so now is the time to know some more. Here we'll talk about the physical benefits of wearing amethyst birthstone jewelry. This gem actually cures certain diseases and discomforts. This is even more effective if you wear it in the amethyst birthstone month.

This may sound strange (I'm looking at all you skeptics), but I'll explain how this happens. First, let's know which are the diseases comforted by Amethyst.

This gem's energies and vibrations are believed to calm the wearer during anxiety and panic attacks, thus bringing mental peace. And one extraordinary benefit of wearing an amethyst, especially for the bibulous ones, is that it'll cure dipsomania. This is again if you've faith in the birthstone jewelry of February.

Now, I'm going to tell you how this happens.

The whole universe has vibrations. Everything that you see or even don't see, but which exists, is vibrating on its own frequency. When the vibrations of two things resonate, they become compatible, thus making each other perfect.

This is how Amethyst works to improve the wearer's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health by resonating with her vibrations. It fills the gaps as and when they arise in any aspect of the wearer's life.

Now, for those of you who believe in hard cold facts to judge anything, here are the facts.

Composition of Amethyst Composition of Amethyst

Composition of Amethyst

The above mentioned are the benefits that can be reaped by wearing Amethyst, the birthstone of February month. These may attract a lot of faithful people and make them love the gem even more.

Now let's discuss some facts meant for the gem specialists who will perhaps be willing to compromise on the looks provided the quality is perfect. The quality parameters include the composition, purity, color, and other things that are pure facts and nothing subjective. For gemologists, these facts become the reasons to love amethyst gem.

Amethyst is the micro crystallized purple variety of quartz that ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it an ideal gem to create jewelry that is durable and desirable.

At Rananjay Exports , the use of sterling silver adds to the grace of the February gemstone jewelry. Amethyst gets its classic purple color because of the iron impurities (who would've thought iron can make such beautiful things.) Fascinated by the color of Amethyst, it is more often neglected that the purest form of amethysts is colorless, yet beautiful!

Where is Amethyst Found? Where is Amethyst Found?

Where Is Amethyst Found?

A significant portion of Amethyst, the birthstone of February month, is mined from South America and Africa; however, other sources are present worldwide. These include Canada, France, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka Tanzania.

It is because of the abundance that this stunning semi-precious gemstone comes at a very affordable price.

Amethyst is primarily found in the cavities and fractures of igneous rocks. This makes it immune to any reactions to acid. But it is sometimes also found in metamorphic rocks that were once igneous. These are the rocks that have not been popped out on the Earth's surface and metamorphosed under the heat and pressure below the Earth's crust.

All this makes amethyst a durable stone to create wholesale sterling silver jewelry that is loved worldwide.

Wholesale Amethyst Jewelry Wholesale Amethyst Jewelry

Cleansing Amethyst Crystal

Although Amethyst rates 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need your care and proper attention. Scratches or a little damage can happen when it is kept with other hard stones. It is thus essential to properly take care of your crystal and properly wash it time-to-time to ensure it is working out perfectly for you. Remember these few points below to ensure that your Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry doesn’t lose its shine with time.

    • Do not keep it in very hot or very cold water for a long time as it may cause permanent damage to it.;

    • Do not use any acidic products while cleansing your gem.

    • Always wash it under warm soapy water and cleanse it using a soft brush.

    • Although the yellow color stone comes in various shades, from a very pale yellow to dark yellow, this depends on the minerals trapped inside them during the formation of the stone. However, it should always be near this yellow color, and if you find some other color Libyan desert glass stone, it would be a fake stone. 

    • Do not leave it in water for long and always clean it with a soft cloth to remove all the water on it.

    Here's a Little something for The February Birthstone Jewelry Lovers

    Now for the gemstone jewelry enthusiasts, we have another set of information. This is more towards the appearance and aesthetic appeal of this gorgeous gem. Amethyst birthstone jewelry is famous not only for the color that it possesses but for its vitreous glass-like luster as well!

    Just like turquoise, the birthstone of July is a gemstone and a color as well; Amethyst is also both. It ranges from pinkish-violet to deep grape purple, depending on the inclusions and iron impurities it has.

    While creating the sterling silver February gemstone jewelry, these gems are given different finishes that include faceted, cabochon, rough, tumbled, and beads. Each one is well appreciated. This caused people worldwide who wear Amethyst birthstone jewelry to love the gemstone even more.

    We cannot negate the popularity it has gained by getting itself embedded in England's crown jewels. But we also cannot ignore the fact that there must be something in this gem that got it there in the first place.

    All about Amethyst All about Amethyst

    That's all about Amethyst, a.k.a. birthstone of February

    This is a little too much information about the birthstone of February. And whoever the person is, if she is by any means associated with the gemstone industry, it is absolutely safe to assume that she adores Amethyst!

    To add to that, the concept of birthstone is gaining popularity each day. Even the best of us now believe in the magical powers of these gemstones. We know how, if used correctly, they can benefit the bearer in miraculous ways.

    People are out there searching for the best birthstone jewelry of February or any month. Being a jewelry retailer, you can benefit from the situation by filling the gap and making it a win-win situation. And you can do yourself a favor by associating with Rananjay Exports for all your birthstone jewelry requirements.

    That is all about Amethyst, the birthstone of February month. Now you know why it is much loved by everyone.

    To get the most divine amethyst jewelry for your collections, you can check out our wide range of gemstone jewelry.

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