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Dinosaur Bone Rings

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Shining Dinosaur Bone Rings: Popularly Known As Gembone

Dinosaur bone, also called Gembone, dinosaur bone, or dinogem, is a mineralized bone that is generally a dinosaur fossil. It is formed when minerals from groundwater are deposited within these fossils. You’re mistaken if you think that many gemstones are created from organisms. Only five gemstones are made from organisms, the five being pearl, ammolite, amber, jet, and dinosaur bone. A wide variety of minerals are found in the gem bone, such as agate, iron, pyrite, hematite, jasper, quartz, and marcasite. The use of this gemstone is not just limited to creating beautiful jewelry, such as dinosaur bone rings; scientists also use it to perform research on the anatomical structure of ancient animals.

Have you ever wondered why dinosaur bone is popular nowadays? It is because the concept of once a living creature being preserved throughout the ages for us to be crafted in beautiful jewelry sounds quite unique. It’s so amazing that you could flaunt it, and it will garner a lot of public eyes and the attention of your friends when worn at reunions and parties. Post-polishing, the dinosaur bone rings showcase a smooth and lustrous surface. This is why they are typically cut en cabochon to emphasize their unique patterns of colors mixed in with dark lines and cells. This mineralized bone can be traced back to the Jurassic period, which existed about 150 million years ago. Dinosaur bone is said to have maintained each cell’s intrinsic webbed structure. The colors and patterns of this gemstone look spectacular when the bone is cut apart.

Dinosaur bone is abundantly available in Wyoming and Colorado Plateau in the United States. They are found in many other regions as well. However, most of these locations don’t have gem-quality Dinosaur bone. It is considered a naturally occurring geological miracle because the odds of dinosaur bone becoming a fossil with gem-quality minerals present in it is astronomically rare. Similar to other colorful gemstones showcasing appealing patterns, the Dinosaur bone looks excellent when set into the jewelry. It is available in various colors, such as red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple, and the translucent pockets in this gemstone flawlessly capture the heart and soul of this magnificent fossil.

Signature Dinosaur Bone Ring by Rananjay Exports

Dinosaur bone ranks between 6 and 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is why it is strong enough to be worn as a ring or a pendant. However, this does not mean that you allow your Dinosaur bone ring to get exposed to bumps and knocks that happen in regular use. This is why you must take proper care of your Dinosaur bone ring so it lasts for a long time. So, avoid hard impacts and accidental knocks to your Dinosaur bone jewelry, such as a Dinosaur bone ring, Dinosaur bone necklace, or Dinosaur bone pendant – it can cause fractures in your favorite jewelry. If you want to clean your Dinosaur bone ring, use water and mild soap to eliminate any grime present on it. Also, ensure your ring does not come in contact with harsh chemicals such as chlorine, acidic substances, cosmetics, or hairspray.

The dinosaur bone ring has many healing properties. It balances and heals the toxic emotions that the wearer carries from his past life. It infuses the wearer’s body, especially the torso region, with positive vibrations, promotion of harmony, and reduced anxiety levels. It is also said to dispel unhealthy attachments and negative energies from your environment and repair the holes in your aura and etheric body due to psychic attacks, intoxication, and unhealed traumas. This gemstone can also heal paralysis, fractured bones, and hearing ailments such as tinnitus while enhancing the vigor of the body. It shows miracles when worn by shy people; it helps them become more extroverted and outgoing, making them express their ideas and communicate better when around others.

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