Like a bright shining orb in the sky, Moonstone is a white color gemstone with healing powers of the moon and the carrier of the yin energy. Moonstone belongs to the family of minerals named feldspar and has an amazing play of light called adularescence.

Moonstone has a pearly opalescent look and comes in blue, white, peach, and grey shades. They also have a rainbow moonstone primarily found in India and Sri Lanka. Moonstone has made its unique place in the heart of gemstone jewelry lovers worldwide with its mystical aura and shine.

History and lore 

For thousands of years, Moonstone has its special place in history. There are so many different cultures having their own exciting story. The Romans believed that the Moonstone has formed with the moonbeams from the moon, and thus while wearing the Moonstone jewelry can help them see their moon goddess. While, the Greeks believed Moonstone has the power of prophecy. Both Romans and Greek share the similar belief that Moonstone is associated with the lunar deities.

Some Asians believed that Moonstone was brought by the tide every 21 years and is a powerful healing gemstone and the bringer of good fortune and health.

Where is it found?

The mystical Moonstone is found mainly in India and Sri Lanka, and they are the most elite ones. The Moonstone found here is of rainbow colors which is the most loved Moonstone around the world. These pretty gemstones are also found in different parts of the world like Myanmar, Brazil, Norway, the USA, Germany, Tanzania, and Madagascar. 

Color and clarity

Color and clarity Color and clarity

When it comes to clarity and cut, the Moonstone is the same as diamond; the clearer the Moonstone, the higher the price. The clearer moonstones have a fair play of colors and are not hindered by the inclusions. In contrast, the lower prized Moonstone has inclusions like centipedes and green tint, which affects the price and lowers its value. The Moonstone ranges from $10 to $1000, so you can get one for yourself within your budget.

Moonstone cut

The moonstones are cut into different shapes to give a unique look for every piece of jewelry. The 3 most popular cuts are the small beaded cut, the big cabochons, and the faceted stone. But in modern times, raw Moonstone is widely used. They are fitted inside the rings, and they make some stunning moonstone rings and bracelets.

Moonstone in jewelry

The beauty of the Moonstone is catching the eye of both men and women. The beautiful moonstone jewelry comes in the setting of sterling silver, with other finishes like rose gold and brass;

This combination of the Moonstone in the jewelry makes some stunning pieces of moonstone rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. They also, when combined with other gemstones, enhances their beauty too. You can pair up moonstone jewelry with any dress, and they will end up complementing your outfit for any occasion.

Moonstone ring

Moonstone, with the milky white appearance and iridescent color, makes the most alluring moonstone jewelry. The moonstone rings are the most loved jewelry around the world; they can be worn in any social setting will set the stage for you. Many unconventional couples wear moonstone rings because of their shine and enticing beauty as their engagement rings, and why not? They are so alluring that one can't resist.

However, before buying moonstone rings, one should remember that they can't be compared with the diamonds and sapphires. they rank 6.5 on moh's hardness scale and are delicate. 

Moonstone Pendant

Moonstone not only makes beautiful rings, but they also make stunning moonstone pendants. The pendants come in big and small faceted cabochons. They can be worn on any attire, whether formal wear or party outfit. They make striking jewelry pieces and are appealing to the eye.

Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone with iridescent beauty makes enticing necklaces that are unique and distinctive. The moonstone necklaces make the best elegant jewelry that a woman can wear on her date night or for an after-party. These necklaces can be paired up with any color; will add the touch of class to your look. 

Moonstone Bracelet

These magical gemstones shape some eye-catching moonstone bracelets. These bracelets come in different sizes, either fitted in the middle in a faceted cabochon or beaded. They go well with formal or casual wear, making impressive designs and making for the queen who wears them. 

Dos and don'ts for moonstone jewelry

This stunning gemstone is quite fragile, so it is essential to take proper care of it.

  1. This stunning gemstone is quite fragile, so it is essential to take proper care of it.
  2. Avoid using your Moonstone while washing the dishes or going inside the pool as the bezel setting may separate.
  3. Avoid keeping moonstone jewelry in a place where moisture as the sterling silver or the other setting may tarnish due to the humidity.
  4. Always keep your moonstone jewelry in a felt-lined box or in a soft cloth in an air-tight container as it helps save the Moonstone from getting scratched.
  5. Use soapy water to clean your moonstone jewelry as the ultrasonic and steam cleaner can harm the gemstone and makes it brittle.
  6. Always clean your moonstone jewelry with a soft dry cloth to avoid scratches.

The Moonstone is the gemstone for every season and for every reason; these stunning pieces bring out the shine of the wearer and put them in the right light.

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