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With the rich and beautiful history of peridot dating back to Ancient Egypt, this captivating gemstone has been the infatuation of many jewelers and crystal healers. Throughout many cultures, several artifacts made of peridot crystal have been uncovered and peridot jewelry such as peridot rings has been used to this day. Compared to other green gemstones such as emerald, moldavite, malachite, and green onyx, peridot comes in lighter tones of green with hints of yellow. Similar to other green gemstones, this stone is associated with good health and prosperity.

We will take a deep dive into the healing properties of peridot, factors upon which the value of peridot stone in a peridot ring depends, and cleaning instructions for peridot rings, but first, we will dig into what peridot basically is.

What Peridot Basically Is

What Peridot Basically Is What Peridot Basically Is

Peridot is considered to be a semi-precious olivine or chrysolite mineral gemstone. On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, this stone clocks between 6.5 and 7. The specialty of peridot gemstone is it is one of the only semi-precious gemstones that is not formed in Earth’s crust, rather, it is formed inside the molten rock of Earth’s upper mantle.

Talking about the mining process of peridot gemstones, it is considered to be a complex process, because peridot typically won't be uncovered in shallow digs. The mineral form of peridot, known as olivine, is found all around the world in lava, mafic rocks, ultramafic rocks, and even meteorites.

In case you are thinking why does peridot come in different shades of green, well, it's because of its iron content. Greater iron content creates deeper green, whereas lesser iron content makes the peridot stone more translucent in nature.

Peridot is also known as chrysolite sometimes. Generally, peridot is found in forest green color with hints of yellow in it to olive green color with hints of amber in it. Peridot receives its name from the French word for gold. Meaning, in French, “peridot” means gold. However, some people claim that peridot got its name from the Arabic word for gem, which is “faridat”.

Healing Properties of Peridot Gemstone

Healing Properties of Peridot Gemstone Healing Properties of Peridot Gemstone

The healing benefits of peridot stone are generally believed to be relaxation and restful sleep. Many psychics and crystal healers claim that putting a peridot stone under your pillow or wearing peridot jewelry like a peridot ring, a peridot bracelet, a peridot necklace or a peridot pendant can help you rejuvenate as you sleep peacefully. This stone is also said to ward off nightmares and prevent sleepwalking.

Peridot is also considered a protective stone because it activates both the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. Thus, you can say that wearing peridot jewelry can shield your body from negativity and low vibrational energies. Peridot is also said to open up a blocked heart chakra and make the user more grounded while allowing him to feel a deeper sense of compassion for himself as well as others.

Last but not least, not only does peridot jewelry repel bad energy sent to its wearer, but it simultaneously attracts fortune, love, and positive energy in a person’s life. This positivity and new love can come in various forms – such as new friendships, strengthened relationships, or intimate romance.

Factors Determining Peridot’s Value in a Peridot Ring

Factors Determining Peridot’s Value in a Peridot Ring Factors Determining Peridot’s Value in a Peridot Ring

When measuring the value of a peridot stone set in a peridot ring, we look at important characteristics that are known as the 4 C’s – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Let us look into detail regarding how these 4 C’s affect the value of peridot.


The topmost grade of peridot possesses a bright, vibrant green color. Other varieties of peridot possess a slight yellowish tint. The peridot stones possessing brownish tints and hues are said to have a lower value. The same is the case with smaller peridot stones – they too, are said to have a lower value. So, while purchasing peridot rings, ensure that the peridot stone set in the ring possesses a vibrant green color.


Taking clarity into account is critical in the case of peridot. Peridot stones that are free from inclusions such as dust and trapped mineral particles are always priced higher because of their sparkle and brightness. Still, there are a few types of inclusions that increase the value of the stone. For example, since “lily pad” inclusions and minute chromite inclusions are rare, they end up giving peridot an interesting visual effect, which is why they increase the overall value of the stone.


The cut of a peridot stone must be exact, similar to that seen in the case of diamonds, otherwise, the stone’s transparency will end up revealing minor discrepancies and improper angles. This is why it's essential to purchase peridot stones (and peridot jewelry in general) from the best lapidaries who are experts in the art of gem cutting.

If you do not ensure this, a poor cut will end up compromising the quality and value of the stone, and even if the rough gem was of high quality, the finished product (in our case, the peridot ring) will be an unattractive, clouded jewel. The best cut you can opt for in the case of peridot gemstone is brilliant, oval, round, and pear cut.

Carat Weight

Talking about the size and carat weight of peridot stones, the smaller stones tend to be economically viable. However, a peridot ring with a smaller stone can still be priced higher, given that the stone has the perfect cut, clarity, and color, and possesses no visible inclusions.

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of Your Peridot Ring

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of Your Peridot Ring Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of Your Peridot Ring

One of the easiest and best ways to clean your peridot ring is by using a soft-bristled toothbrush with mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Make sure that you never use ultrasonic or steam cleaners in order to clean your peridot as they can damage the stone. Once you are done with cleaning your peridot ring, store it carefully away from rapid or uneven heat. Why? Well, because rapid or uneven heat can end up fracturing your peridot stone.

Cleansing And Charging Your Peridot Ring

Cleansing And Charging Your Peridot Ring Cleansing And Charging Your Peridot Ring

The easiest way to cleanse your peridot ring is by holding it under running tap water – not only does it clean the surface of the ring of dust and debris, but it also flushes out negative energies that the stone might have absorbed. Another way to cleanse and charge your peridot is by leaving it in sunlight for a few hours. Peridot is light stable, which is why sunlight won't damage your peridot stone.

However, the best way to cleanse and charge your peridot is by smudging it with the sage smoke post which, you need to leave the stone under the earth for a short duration. Smudging your peridot with sage would help the stone get rid of any negative energy that the stone might have absorbed, and leaving it under the earth would ground the stone and allow it to get in tune with the soothing energy of Mother Nature.


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