The old and yet the young Turquoise stone,
Promoting Success and prosperity when worn,
Bringing happiness with good fortune,
Absorbing negativity and prone to December born,
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Know The Worth of being Born in December

Consider yourself very fortunate if you're born in the month of December, as the Turquoise gemstone is specially made for you. This stone will bring Success and will bless you in whatever work you do. The energies of this astonishing stone are connected with the planet Jupiter, and in astrology, they are classically defined as the truth seeker.

Take a look at The Appearance of The Turquoise Stone

Turquoise, the bluish-green stone, is very pleasing to the eyes that it has been ordained an official color in itself. It is an opaque stone, ranging from dark blue to bluish-green gem, but the intense blue is always in very high demand due to its holy powers. The color of the Turquoise stone has connections with the ocean water and the blue sky. It has the luster, which is typically waxy to sub-vitreous, and sometimes it could be semi-translucent in thin sections. The sky blue color of this stone represented heaven. In addition, the stone has ranged between five to six on the Mohs scale hardness.

This stone renders the impact through its actual color, and the pastel color shades of the Turquoise have endeared it to many unique cultures of Antiquity. Moreover, the green color of the Turquoise stone has a high concentration of Iron. The stone also contains some narrow veins of other material, which are usually black, brown, or yellowish, known as the matrix, and when these veins are in their intricate patterns, they are called a spider web. Due to its vibrant color, it becomes an accessory that is perfectly versatile and instantly recognizable to be worn with any outfit.

In what Aspects can it Benefit you? Read to Know

As the Turquoise stone is among the first gemstone to be mined and due to its magical healing powers, this stone has spanned popularity across the globe. It would not be fair if we won't talk about these powers. So, let us know them.

l Wearing the rare, unique Turquoise Ring has been attributed to promoting the wearer's status and wealth, protecting the person from evil, and bringing them good luck. However, this stone has more acceptable grades, and it is said to be the most wonderful stone which can take the person to high from the low.

As this stone is used as a purifying stone, wearing the Turquoise Bracelet will dispel all the negativity, intensifying the activeness by offering strength and renewing our behavior and thoughts reflected in action. It also helps the person for open communication.

Turquoise Pendant is said to be the stone of protection. This stone helps improve the immune system, stimulate tissue regeneration, alleviate the cramps, clear the sore throat, and heal eye-related problems. Moreover, it can help the person fight exhaustion, depression, and panic attacks.

The blue color calms the soul and reminds us of the flow of water. This Turquoise necklace could be worn to clean the negativity, heal old wounds, bring good fortune, and be optimistic. It overall helps re-balancing life, inducing a sense of serenity and peace.

Now, when you are well aware of the properties and the healing benefits of the December Birthstone Turquoise, you need to know about the varieties of the stone you can opt for. Although there are more than thirty categories available in the Turquoise, here in this blog, we will talk about the best two varieties we offer at Rananjay Exports.

Copper Turquoise -The fine Copper Turquoise Jewelry is made of the crumbled stone, and copper is added. This process is mainly done for magnifying the beauty and the healing benefits. As of now, the wearer can take advantage of the Turquoise stone, the copper metal, and the sterling silver into which the stone is fitted. Wearing the Copper Turquoise necklace near your heart would be the talisman for the wisdom of truth, raising the inner calm by balancing the chakra. This captivating stone is considered the stone of life, and the charm of this stone will bring confidence and prosperity.

Oyster Turquoise - The impressive multi-color Oyster Turquoise Jewelry with unique patterns and bits of glimmering copper is a perfect embodiment of the color blast. Anyone could fell in love with this stone at first sight, as this attractive stone makes incredible and mind-blowing jewelry pieces. This stone could be perfect, and you can wear it on any occasion, as it will lift the style and overall personality of the wearer. The cheerful orange shade with the saturated color is not only admired by everyone, but it also promotes creativity. It is a stunning stone for calming the mind and the inner peace of the wearer. Wearing the Oyster Turquoise studs will promote your emotional healing, improve the sense organs, manage the digestive system, and give the wearer mental peace. The notable fun fact is that this stone will remind you to drink water often.

Knowing The Roots of The Turquoise Stone

When someone is very fond of anything, it is just that they should know about its history, formation, and the location where they came from. So let us move to the next section, where we will talk about all these points to make you more aware of the Turquoise stone before buying and selling them.

Lets us first talk about the history of the Turquoise stone- this stone comes from the ancient Egyptian tombs, dating back to 3000 BC. The oldest mines of Turquoise are in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, and the Egyptians called it 'Mefkat,' meaning delight and joy. Around the 13th century, the Turkish traders introduced the "Persian blue" stone to Europe via the silk route, and then the word Turquoise came out from the French word 'Pierre tourques' for the "Turkish stone".

Now Let us Know How These Stones were Formed

The Turquoise stone forms as the water is heated under the earth and raises upwards through limonite rock and create the Turquoise stone in the cracks and crevasses of the weathered rock. This process happened in the Arid regions like the American Southwest and the middle east. It is also mine in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and California, apart from these places. These stones are also found in the Himalayan grounds, which the Tibetan miners give the distinctive greenish color, which makes Tibetan Turquoise famous. Although talking about the present, the USA has become the largest producer of this gemstone.

How Can You Make Your Stonework Long Last by Taking Care of it

As this stone symbolizes protection, courage, and truth and looks absolutely charming when worn, it's imperative to take care of this stone to keep the healing powers and beauty on. The high quality and the authentic stone could be expensive too, so here are some tips for preserving the beauty of this gorgeous stone.

Turquoise Earrings could be cleaned using a soft cloth to wipe away the dirt or grimes. You can use little water to soften the fabric for polishing the stone and then wipe the stone using the dry, soft cloth eliminating the moisture. Then let the stone dry naturally.

When you hold the turquoise stone in your hand, you will feel the coolness of the stone. So, Never use ultrasonic or steam cleaners to clean your stone, as these heat solvents will damage the stone's surface.

Be sure to keep Turquoise Jewelry in a separate box to protect it from scratches from other stones which rate high on the Mohs scale, like diamonds. Instead, you can wrap the stone with a tissue or pure cotton paper and put it into the zip-locking bag. This process will help the stone prevent and tarnish the possibility of hard material.

Don't ever use any chemical solutions while wearing the stone. Always wear the stone last while getting ready to protect it from perfumes, makeup, creams, or lotions. Also, remember to take off the stone while washing dishes or going to swimming pools.

Now, you would have understood how you can take care of your turquoise stone, as this will help the person at its best when it is taken care of properly. Apart from the Turquoise stone, two other stones are also very beneficial to the December-Born babies. They are Tanzanite and Zircon. The beautiful Tanzanite is also the blue and violet stone found in Tanzania and has incredible healing properties. Zircon, the transparent stone, ranges in different hues from yellow, golden, red, brown, blue, and green and has 7.5 as its Mohs scale. 

One-Stop Solution to Buy The Gemstones

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