Opal jewelry has been famous for its undeniable shine throughout history. They have been known to the world for their fantastic display of colors, brilliant patterns and are loved by the different cultures at the same time. The opals in the ancient world were regarded as luxurious charms of fortune and good tidings, and Even to this day, opals are desired for their unique beauty and elegance.

Buying the right piece of opal ring is no easy task instead, it is a quest. For finding the right piece, there are a few things that you need to take under consideration.

Finding The Perfect One

There are various opal rings available in the market, but first, you need to make your mind what kind of opal you are willing to invest in and whether it fits your budget range.

Unlike diamonds, opals are graded based on the way they look. The pattern, color, and shape. With these grading and descriptive classifications, one can have a strong outlook about the type of opal they want to add to their collection.

Pattern: Each Opal Ring has a swirling color hidden within the stone and released when exposed to the light. While the particular pattern that looks best to you is up to your own choice, there is one thing that you should be looking for regardless, shine and the brilliance that it holds within. High-quality opal rings will have patterns that are bold, bright, and beautiful. If the pattern seems frail, the ring will not be as good as it could be.

Color: The color of the opal rings gives it a unique identity. Opals hold two Different sets, the base color, and the kaleidoscopic play. Some opals illustrate a wide range of colors, including blue, purple, green, and flashes of orange, pinks, and reds.

There is a firm belief that the opals with the vibrant and rich play will be more highlighted and valuable.

Shape: The most delicate opal rings have a high doomed-shaped cabochon gem at their center. This feature helps to maximize the color and make the most of its clarity. Superb clarity is an essential feature as it brings a detailed look adding drama to the regular real opal ring.

Once you have found your ideal opal, make sure it is set into a quality metal setting. The opal ring will look best if you choose a metal color that suits the gemstone base color. For example, black opal rings always look best when made from sterling silver or platinum but white, and boulder opals look lovely in white or yellow metal depending upon the color plays within the gemstone itself.

Real Opal Rings vs Fake

One of the main concerns getting the gemstone jewelry is finding the genuine one among the bunch of imitations. 

That Real opal rings the most beautiful Jewelry there is. But often, it might get tough to tell a real opal from a counterfeit because the fake type of simulated opal is made of plastic and has a rough feel to it, while the Other type contains a portion of real opal, with a plastic backing, which makes these opals look fierce and identical.

There are also places where the opals are laboratory-grown, meaning they look pretty similar and are very cheap. Genuine opals are easy to identify; they have a natural feel to them and are cold, like a rock.

If you still get confused, looking at the opals from the side can help you identify the gem. The layers in the opals are proof that they are authentic and are called doublet or triplet opal.

Opal Rings in Sterling Silver

The most commonly used setting for making beautiful pieces of opal rings is sterling silver. These rings are quintessential and bring the shine and charm from within the opal. At Rananjay, you will find some of the eccentric pieces of sterling silver opal ring with the design giving out the flair and finesse to your regular dressing.

Opal Rings With Rose Gold

Rose gold is the other setting that brings out the finesse in the Opal Jewelry. However, It can be tough to find opal rings with rose gold. Bringing the fact to the table that they have recently got the highlight and become popular in the gem world. But with Rananjay, your worries can rest as we have got dozens of opal styles that you can order. 

Clean Your Opal Rings

Opal rings are pretty and offer an undeniable shine to the gemstone jewelry world. But at the same time, they are delicate to deal with. so It is highly advisable to clean your opal rings every other month to maintain their gleam.

If you have an opal ring, it should be cleaned gently with a soft cleaning tool, like a cloth or soft bristles toothbrush. by putting the opal ring in a foamy solution of warm water with a couple of drops of mild dish wash soap. This process will help eliminate any dirt built-up or debris from the stone's surface and help clean the edges.

To dry the gem, use a microfiber cloth with a mild solution and wipe down the ring gently. This will help to maintain its shine, giving a cherished look to the Jewelry.

Note: If you have a doublet or triplet opal ring, do not submerge the stone in the water. Rather, moisten the Jewelry with a soft cloth with a mild solution; this will help clean the gemstone and later help you maintain the shine.

Buying The Quality Opal with us

Almost every jeweler sells opal rings. But the question arises who gives you the quality and trust among the pool of these sellers.

With Rananjay Exports, you will find faith, quality product, and enticing designs. Every Jewelry curated at our facility goes through multiple processes and bears the tag of quality.

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