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Stingray Coral Jewelry

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Stingray Coral Jewelry: Straight From The Coral Reefs of Alaska

Stingray Coral… It looks ancient, doesn’t it? Well, Stingray Coral is found in 400 million years old coral fossils present on the remote islands of Southeast Alaska. This contemporary and brand-new gemstone has been named “Stingray Coral” because it resembles the skin of a stingray which, throughout the ages, has been used as exotic leather in the making of Samurai Swords. Don’t you find the color and pattern of this gemstone appealing and unique? If you have browsed other gems, you will discover that this display of beautiful contrasting honeycomb patterns with black outlines in the stingray coral jewelry does not resemble any other gemstone.

This gem fossil is found to be made of silica-rich calcium. Stingray coral is formed due to the accumulation of a mass of stingray polyps. The diaphaneity of this gemstone is translucent to opaque. It ranks between 2 to 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is why it is considered to be soft. It has a dull luster and is generally found in black-and-white colors. It is the birthstone for December and is linked to the zodiac of Aries.

Associated with the heart chakra, this gemstone is said to balance and align your Anahata, helping you vibrate in the frequency of unconditional love. Wearing this gemstone will help you become compassionate for all living beings, and you will become caring towards the people around you. Are you having issues in your relationships, or perhaps your relations with your family are not as good as they used to be? This gemstone can fix all your relationships, helping you overcome the negativity you have faced from people who have hurt your feelings. Enabling you to heal your emotionally wounded self, you will come to an acceptance of the wrongdoings of other people by wearing stingray coral jewelry. This jewelry will also help you control your emotions and feelings, making you emotionally mature.

Since we are talking about chakras, let me ask you a question: Do you believe in the presence of metaphysical chakras inside the human body? Perhaps you have done yoga or engaged in one of the many meditational practices and felt sensations inside your body right around your chakras. Or maybe you have been to a reiki master or an energy healing practitioner, and you felt the energy of your Reiki Master/Energy Healing Practitioner right around one or the other energy centers of the body that ended up curing your disease. All these practices are doing nothing but either balancing, aligning, or unblocking your chakra centers.

If you believe in the existence of chakras and you have firm faith that working on your chakras can fix your spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical problems– then check out our assorted collection of beautiful chakra jewelry. Our chakra jewelry has seven stones for healing all of your seven chakras. The stones are as follows: Amethyst (for the crown chakra), Iolite (for the third eye chakra), Moonstone (for the throat chakra), Peridot (for the heart chakra), Citrine (for the solar plexus chakra), Carnelian (for the sacral chakra), and Garnet (for the root chakra).

The Genuine Stingray Coral Jewellery by Rananjay Exports

Stingray coral is one of the most peaceful-looking stones. No wonder stingray coral jewelry is said to calm the wearer’s aura. If you have nagging thoughts and your mind keeps giving you rants to motivate you, this gemstone is said to root out these problems by grounding you and making you less critical and judgemental about yourself. It also clears up the psychological traumas that a person faces due to past failures and mishappenings while also healing your inner child. Wearing this gemstone is also said to help you attain significant milestones in professional life by enabling you to accomplish your goals and protecting you from feelings of hopelessness when the time gets tough.

Stingray coral jewelry serves as a great tool when it comes to physical healing as well. It heals the circulatory system of the wearer, reviving the tissues and blood vessels in the torso. It is also said to cure the problem of intestinal spasms as well as bladder-related issues. Stingray coral jewelry can treat insomnia and issues related to sleeplessness. It also cures indigestion and calcium deficiency in the body. The energetic vibrations of this gemstone are said to repair the spinal cord, resolving the problems linked to neural networks. Lastly, it is believed that wearing Stingray coral jewelry can do wonders with the issues of the kidney, ball gladder as well as parathyroid gland.

Shopping from Rananjay Exports: The Most Important Chapter in your Gemstone Investment Journey

Rananjay Exports is a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier. It operates from India, and its main factory is in Sitapura, Jaipur. It has been successfully serving the gemstone industry since 2013. Our clientele speaks words of appreciation about us and says that shopping from us has always been a pleasurable experience. As we manufacture, supply, and sell our 925 sterling silver jewelry in mass quantities, we sell only wholesale. We deal in a wide variety of gemstone jewelry, like Botswana Agate, Ruby, Phosphosiderite, Cacoxenite, Amethyst Druzy, Sugilite, etc. If you like our designs and you wish to purchase from us, then you have to register with us giving your business details. After completing the necessary formalities, we will approve your account so you can shop with us effortlessly.

Shopping with us comes along with many benefits. We provide attractive bulk discounts. Moreover, we provide free shipping for all orders above $499. Once you order, we will ship your jewelry within 4-5 business days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. We will ship your order via UPS or FedEx, depending on the region. We participate in different buyer and seller meets and have permission to exhibit our collection since we are a registered member of the esteemed GJEPC (The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council). If you want to get notified about when we are exhibiting our collection in your region, then do sign up for our newsletters. Don’t worry; we promise that we will never spam you.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop the favorite piece of your stingray coral jewelry, such as the stingray coral pendant, stingray coral earring, or stingray coral ring. If you have any concerns, mail us at or call/text us at (+91) 9116124275.

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