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Red Jasper Jewelry

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Lovely Red Jasper Jewelry in The Most Adorable Shade of Red

Red Jasper is a variety of jasper and a sub-category of microcrystalline quartz. It’s pretty affordable and is a semi-precious stone. The red color in this microcrystalline silicate is due to the minute iron impurities. Instead of fibrous layers that are there in chalcedony or agate, red jasper contains grainy crystals. It must be noted that red jasper is a type of chalcedony mineral, which is similar to quartz but is opaque and has layers within it. Red Jasper is found in various hues, such as brown, magenta, pinkish-orange, or yellow. Red Jasper has a rich history. This gemstone was used in Egypt for making jewelry, makeup, and sacred trinkets. In the Viking legend, Siegfried the Dragon Slayer had a magical sword with Red Jasper inlaid in it to provide him with the courage to destroy monsters. It is also said that Red Jasper was adorned on the breastplate of the first high priest, Aaron, in the bible.

The term “jasper” has been derived from the French word “jaspre” and the Latin word “iaspidem”, which means spotted or speckled stone. Red jasper gemstone is the most common among all the different varieties of jasper. It rates 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale and is pretty durable. It has a vitreous or earthy luster and has no cleavage. Red Jasper is found mainly in Brazil, Peru, South Africa, and the United States. Some other notable deposits of red jasper are in Australia, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Namibia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain.

Red jasper looks quite similar to carnelian, so much so that it is mistaken by people for being carnelian. Both have similar shades of orange-red color and patterns. And if you get your hands on tumbled red jasper, make sure to compare it with carnelian; it will be very tough for you to distinguish between the two.

Authentic Red Jasper Jewelry by Rananjay Exports

Although red jasper is the birthstone for Aries, it is also suitable for Leos, Virgos, and Scorpios. Since red jasper is ruled by passion and fire, it is perfect for Aries, who are warriors and pioneers that are not afraid of facing the obstacles in their way.

Red Jasper is linked to the root and sacral chakra. Its grounding attributes help us say rooted in our own reality, in all the highs and lows of life. It is also noted that red jasper jewelry allows its wearer to clearly express himself and properly regulate his emotions since this stone also balances the sacral chakra.

Red Jasper is said to have many metaphysical properties as well. It is generally known as the endurance stone since it helps the wearer maintain focus and concentration for the task at hand. If you are in an emotionally draining environment where you are facing burnout, it is said to encourage your spirit so you can focus on the task at hand with full vitality and vigor. Red jasper jewelry is also said to be a great source of vitality and courage, helping you face challenges from all walks of life. It can keep you calm and compost, thereby stabilizing your mind. It is also said to assist in making informed decisions, helping you follow your path and purpose.

Red jasper works with other crystals as well. When paired with Carnelian, it enhances the fertility of the wearer and balances his sexual energy. When used with amethyst, it relieves stress and anxiety. When red jasper is paired with red garnet, it helps the wearer in resolving his self-doubting nature by making him confident. When paired with citrine, red jasper boosts willpower and inner strength. When red jasper is paired with yellow jasper, it encourages creativity and motivates the wearer to move forward in life. When red jasper is used with black tourmaline, it clears feelings of fear and uncertainty by grounding the wearer’s energies. When used with clear quartz, red jasper enhances the wearer’s intuition and helps him in his spiritual journey. Lastly, when red jasper is paired with sodalite, it helps the wearer in staying present to the moment and deepens his feeling that he is an observer, thereby allowing him to gain more control over his thoughts.

It’s essential for you to cleanse and charge your red jasper jewelry. To charge your favorite piece of red jasper jewelry, burn a little sage or Paulo Santo near it and gently smudge the stone by allowing it to stay in the presence of smoke. You can also charge this crystal by leaving the stone under the full moon for the whole night. This will remove all the negative vibrations attached to the stone and charge the stone with positive lunar energies.

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